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Bentwood Watches Its ‘Hood

You don't want to mess with the Bentwood subdivision, along 15th Street/CdA, south of Canfield Middle School. It has eyes everywhere. Case in point. Cindy Matthews, publisher/editor of the Bentwood Park Newsletter, reports how one neighbor chased down a boy, "about 5'10", 15 years with sandy blonde hair & a thin build" who was ringing doorbells, adding: "The police … would like people to call them for the door ringing and/or any problems so they can have an idea where this kids is going and patrol accordingly." Then, there's the egg attacks. An early-morning walker reports to Matthews that he spotted five freshly egged vehicles — 3 on Miner's Loop & 2 on Thomas Lane near 22nd. Based on the "spatter from the eggs," Matthews reports, "it's obvious they were thrown from a moving vehicle." A carton of broken eggs was found in the middle of Playfair Street Tuesday morning. Matthews: "It looks as if they fell out of a moving vehicle." Egg spatter? Bentwood takes its petty crime seriously.

Question: Do you have a Neighborhood Watch group?