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Debbie Johnson, World Relief Spokane Citizenship and Naturalization Program manager, left, works with Veniamin Avdeyev and Ana Mpawanayo, rear, as they take a civics test on Nov. 29 in Spokane. SR photo/Dan Pelle

Now is a good time to check out today's Valley Voice while we wait to see if the weatherman is right and snow is on the way. The Spokane Valley City Council appears to be ready to vote on a contract with the Spokane County Regional Animal Protection Service for animal control services as soon as the contract language is finalized. This would end a year of debate over whether the city should stick with SCRAPS or contract with SpokAnimal.

Reporter Lisa Leinberger has a couple of good stories. She wrote about people who take citizenship classes through World Relief Spokane. The classes help them prepare for their naturalization test so they can become citizens.Lisa also has another entry in the East Farms Diary. She has been spending days at the East Farms STEAM Magnet School as the kids focus on science, technology, math, engineering and art.

The Spokane Valley Fire Department commissioners picked former Central Valley School District superindendent Mike Pearson to fill a vacancy on the board of commissioners. He will be sworn in at the next commissioner's meeting.

Is the ‘birther’ issue laid to rest?

It was with some regret that I heard Wednesday morning that President Obama has released his birth certificate. There is no issue that is better for generating comments for this website than whether Obama was born in the USA, and I am sad to see it go.

The "birther" controversy, as  it is often called, even has a special connection to the Inland Northwest vortex, that inescapable force of nature that connects national and international news events to our area. It was in Moscow, Idaho, after all, that Orly Taitz confronted Chief Justice John Roberts about her legal challenge to Obama's eligibililty to be president…

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HBO Poll: No To Automatic Citizenship

  • Wednesday Poll: By a slim margin, HucksOnline readers don’t believe in the 14th Amendment provision that bestows citizenship automatically on everyone born in the United States. 105 of 213 (49%) didn’t support automatic citizenship. 102 of 213 (48%) did support automatic citizenship. 6 of 213 (3%) were undecided.
  • Hydroplane Fund-raiser: 36 of 72 (50% exactly) voted that the North Idaho Museum fund-raiser involving the appearance of vintage hydroplanes is a back-door attempt by some to resurrect the races. 24 of 72 (33%) contended that it’s strictly a fund-raiser with no ulterior motives. 12 of 17 (17%) were undecided.
  • Today’s Poll: Is it OK for Walt Minnick to use his franking privileges to warn voters re: need for ID at polls in November?

US Citizenship test…

Good morning, Netizens…

Here is the old pre-October 2008 questions for citizenship of the United States. How many can you accurately answer?