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Have been meaning to say

It's old news now.

But I was impressed with the way the Ferris High football coaches maintained their composure (or at least appeared to on TV) a few weeks ago after an epically bad call.

The Ferris offense faked out both the Central Valley defense and the referees so thoroughly that a whistle was blown stopping the play while the actual FHS ballcarrier waltzed toward the end zone unnoticed from about 20 yards out.

Never seen anything quite like it.

Expected the Ferris coaches to go all George "Pine Tar" Brett on the refs. Did not happen. It was almost as if they realized the referees hadn't screwed up on purpose.

Hats off to those coaches.

AM: 2 BSU Coaches Move Elsewhere

Boise State assistant coach Brent Pease calls plays for the White team during the annual Blue-Orange Spring college football game in Boise. Florida has hired Pease as its offensive coordinator. Story here. Also, Washington State has hired BSU special teams coach Jeff Choate to be an assistant. Story here. (AP Photo/Idaho Statesman, Shawn Raecke, file)