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CGX: ‘You May Say I’m A Dreamer …’

CoeurGenX: John Lennon imagined a world filled with peace and love. Martin Luther King dreamt of a world free from radical discrimination and oppression. The guy who invented the Frisbee, dreamt of a world where people would throw a fat, cirlcular object at each other in order to pass the time. He succeeded.

Question: What is your dream for the world?

CGX: Stenograph Me That

On his Facebook page, CoeurGenX writes: “I think when you’re in a relationship, you should be supplied with your own court stenographer — you know, that person that sits in the courtroom and types down every word that is said. How many of you in your relationship have ever had to say to your mate, ‘I did not say that! No, you thought I said that!’ Wouldn’t you love to be able to go, ‘Uh, Mrs Johnson could you read the minutes back of yesterday, please?’

Question: Should stenographers accompany relationships?

High Noon: Stripping For A Degree

Via Facebook, CoeurGenX writes: “You’ll find that all strippers are going to school, and they need money for books and stuff. So, you should give them all your cash, on day, you could be on your hospital gurney, and getting ready for your double bypass, luck up and go, ‘Cinnamon?’”

Question: Have you ever visited a strip club?

CoeurGenX: Kelso Wasted My Time

CoeurGenX: I was that person who Starr ignored with a little waive from the back of his hand, he made me feel like I was not worthy to speak to him. All I was doing was attempting to ask about a timeline for when I may be needed as a witness. After sitting in the court room all day hearing Starr question EVERY rule and EVERY procedure, and then at times sit and say nothing for 2-3 minutes as he searched his papers for a new question, I REFUSED TO RETURN TO THE COURT ROOM TODAY.. What an embarrassment to our city and county officials who have to suffer through this at our tax payer’s expense …