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Arctic blast grips region

“It’s pretty slippery,” Arlene O’Brien said as she walked to All Saints Lutheran Church in Browne’s Addition on Monday. Kathy Plonka, photo

A new shot of arctic air sent shivers across the Inland Northwest as winds topping 30 mph drove wind-chill readings below zero.

Spokane city officials and the Salvation Army announced that a warming center inside the charity’s community center at 222 E. Indiana St. would open starting Monday night.

The warming center will operate 8 p.m. to 7 a.m. each night when the forecast calls for temperatures to drop to freezing or colder. MIke Prager, SR

Heading out to do an interview. Got any cold weather tips to share?


Fill in the blank: It’s colder than___

SEATTLE — Forecasters say Arctic air moving into the Northwest will push temperatures below normal in many areas into New Year’s Day.The Weather Service says the air is dry. Clear skies should keep significant snow away from Washington and Oregon until possibly next weekend when precipitation could return.

Fill in the blank: It's colder than___


A recommendation

It has been observed more than once that apples still clinging to tree branches in December can look like holiday ornaments. Especially with a little snow.

But there's more. At least when it is this cold.

If you take off a glove and touch one, you will discover that they feel like glass ornaments, too. 

How would you define “extreme cold”?

Not trying to start an argument. Not calling anyone a winter wimp.

Just wondering.

I guess it depends on whether you will be outside and for how long.

The brighter side of the weather

WINTER SPORTS — You can’t be depressed about a big dump of snow if you’re out playing in it with a dog.