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Where college graduation leads us…

Good morning, Netizens…


Back when I attended college, wise students could economically survive obtaining a four or eight year college degree, and if they were truly astute, with little debt left over when they set forth into the job market to find employment. Modern-day kids, unfortunately, face megatons of debt in order to accomplish that same goal, and even worse, the job market is not robust enough for them to find gainful, meaningful employment in some cases.


Cartoonist David Horsey depicts one of those scenarios this morning, one that I am reasonably certain are taking place every day. If you stroll into a fast food restaurant, you are apt to encounter everything from college graduates to septuagenarians for whom retirement consists of flipping burgers for a secondary income after Social Insecurity.


What is truly disheartening is the number of students who actually attain advanced college degrees are steadily on the decrease, but at the current prices, who can afford a college degree? Of course, your results may differ…



College Grads Moving Back Home

Thousands of college graduates across the region will walk proudly this weekend and collect their diplomas. Then many of them will pack up their college apartments and move back in with mom and dad.Graduation day: The culmination of much hard work. The beginning of a successful career, a life spent reaping the benefits of sacrifices made to attend college.Or not.A new study out this week says that most college graduates simply can't find a job and 8 out of 10 of them are moving home after graduation/McKay Allen, KXLY. More here.

Question: Has your college graduate moved back in with you? How is that working out?