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  • THURSDAY, JUNE 12, 1997

    Is Idaho Cleaner? Or Just More Lax?

    The Idaho Division of Environmental Quality wasn’t an aggressive environmental watchdog under Democratic Govs. Cecil Andrus and John Evans. Andrus, in particular, was very friendly toward business, preferring to accommodate …

  • WEDNESDAY, JUNE 11, 1997

    So-Called Clean Bills Should Be The Rule

    First, they were flooded by Mother Nature. Now, they’re being snowed by their federal government. Residents in 33 states eligible for national flood relief sit helplessly on their sandbags while …

  • TUESDAY, JUNE 10, 1997

    ‘Feel Good’ Folly Has Had Its Day

    What do you suppose would happen to kids in a nation whose educators deemed it insensitive to correct youngsters who made errors in grammar, spelling and mathematics? And what would …

  • MONDAY, JUNE 9, 1997

    Mail-In Ballot Stamps Out Civics

    Elections officials think as many as 70 percent of Spokane County’s registered voters will cast ballots in next week’s statewide election. Imagine, 70 percent. That would be substantially higher than …

  • MONDAY, JUNE 9, 1997

    Oh, For A Polling Place

    Quite aside from the enhanced opportunities for ballot fraud and the abandonment of the civic rituals of voting in public, there is a bright side to this month’s vote-by-mail election …

  • SATURDAY, JUNE 7, 1997

    For Just A While, You Can Be Love

    A high school graduation is one of the greatest proofs in life that time passes swiftly. Why, just yesterday, it seems, you were counting your child’s toes and fingers to …

  • THURSDAY, JUNE 5, 1997

    Corporate Welfare Poses Nuclear Threat

    The secretive, corrupt, accident-plagued, taxpayer-subsidized industry that created Hanford’s radioactive nightmare has not died. It was only taking a nap. Today, while Americans concentrate on Paula Jones, the nuclear processing …

  • TUESDAY, JUNE 3, 1997

    More On Trial Than Defendant

    Some wept. Some cheered. And many of us felt, more than anything else, a sense of overwhelming relief. The system still works. Guilty, the jury concluded. After flaky verdicts and …

  • THURSDAY, MAY 29, 1997

    Fashion World Needs Intervention

    Now that heroin is no longer chic, how can we trust the fashion industry to find glamorous images that won’t threaten the well-being of the teens who emulate them? The …

  • SUNDAY, MAY 25, 1997

    Strive To Avoid Growing Pains

    A freeway runs through it. And that makes the Spokane Valley ideal for the explosive growth now taking shape around I-90 and Sullivan Road. Late this summer, the Spokane Valley …

  • WEDNESDAY, MAY 21, 1997

    Larry, Curly, Moe Act Less Than Boffo

    Kootenai County commissioners should have been grateful that, for five years, the League of Women Voters has helped educate residents by publishing citizens guides - cheaply. But they weren’t. In …

  • SATURDAY, MAY 17, 1997

    It’s Us Or It’s Them? Better Learn Better

    It’s 25 years from now. You are an older person, dependent on others for much of your care. All your life, you managed to avoid thinking about diversity. You lived …

  • WEDNESDAY, MAY 14, 1997

    Let Her Keep A Civil Tongue

    Apparently, diversity is in the eye of the beholder, too. U.S. Rep. Helen Chenoweth, for example, believes North Idaho is diverse because it is inhabited by “Poles, people from Scandinavia, …

  • MONDAY, MAY 12, 1997

    Never Sell Short Kids’ Learning Ability

    It was only a news brief on CNN. But what a story it tells. In Little Rock, Ark., construction workers were prying into the ceiling of a 102-year-old elementary school. …

  • THURSDAY, MAY 1, 1997

    Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

    The romance and marriage of Dan Hieronymus and Jessica Lotze, Spokane’s first black Lilac queen, wasn’t made for television. Their courtship, by Hollyweird standards, was blah. No jealousy triggered by …

  • TUESDAY, APRIL 29, 1997

    One Blockbuster Of A Sin Of Omission

    The only reason Washington’s Legislature adjourned on time Sunday is that it fumbled away the most important issue of the year. No, that is not a reference to the scheme …

  • SUNDAY, APRIL 27, 1997

    Hold The Spit And Extend The Hand

    It was only a handshake. Only? In the searing climate that scorches public life today, Tuesday’s handshake between an umpire and a second baseman felt as refreshing as a cup …

  • WEDNESDAY, APRIL 23, 1997

    Deadbeat Parents Get The Message

    Dr. Joe Bayard Miller Jr.’s reign as king of North Idaho’s deadbeat parents may be coming to an end - thanks to hard-nosed enforcement of a new law by the …

  • SATURDAY, APRIL 19, 1997

    Corporate Censors Are No Less Censors

    If the sponsors who underwrite commercial television programming had to worry about defending murder, mayhem and marital infidelity, their investments would change in a hurry. Violence and sex course from …

  • THURSDAY, APRIL 17, 1997

    Gutless Wonders Make Lame Leaders

    Washington state’s motorists had better brace themselves for more traffic jams, potholes and fatalities on killer highways such as U.S. 395 north of Spokane. Panicked by the reactionary mind-set that …

  • MONDAY, APRIL 14, 1997

    Welfare Problem Moved, Not Solved

    Politicians in Olympia are bickering seriously at last about welfare reform legislation. But whatever they do, there are some things they can’t do. Some of the most important reforms will …

  • SATURDAY, APRIL 12, 1997

    Campaign Reform A Futile Cop-Out

    It’s been a hard day at the silversmith shop and Paul Revere arrives home with barely enough energy to draw a tankard of ale. He kicks off his boots, sinks …

  • THURSDAY, APRIL 10, 1997

    Obnoxiousness Come By Honestly

    Ira Collins’ outlook on life can be summed up in two words - one of which we can’t print. This is a family newspaper, you know. The Coeur d’Alene man …

  • TUESDAY, APRIL 8, 1997

    Know The Signs And Get Involved

    If Dante were writing his “Inferno” in modern times, scenes from the Loss marriage would be prominent in his circles of hell. James Loss of Spokane was recently found guilty …

  • THURSDAY, APRIL 3, 1997

    Gu Case Shows Reform Is Called For

    There’s a scrap of irony in the $1.1 million civil judgment a former Gonzaga University student won against his alma mater Tuesday. If Ru Paster had obtained the teaching certificate …

  • TUESDAY, APRIL 1, 1997

    Working Poor Deserve Backing

    If you aren’t familiar with Washington state’s Basic Health Plan, you’re lucky. It’s a plan for people whose low-paying jobs lack benefits like health insurance. For those whose premiums the …

  • SUNDAY, MARCH 30, 1997

    Three-Monkeys Act Won’t Suffice

    When Vernon Baker became the first black World War II veteran to receive the Medal of Honor, Idaho Republicans, the state’s ruling party, went ga ga. Most of Idaho’s congressional …

  • WEDNESDAY, MARCH 26, 1997

    Assuring School Funding Top Duty

    It was enough to make a teenager blush. It was enough to make a legislator turn white as a sheet. It was a resounding display of community spirit. It was …

  • SUNDAY, MARCH 23, 1997

    English-Only Law Speaks Of Prejudice

    On the surface, approval of an English-only resolution by Kootenai County commissioners last week appears harmless. A confirmation of North Idaho’s status quo. But it isn’t. It’s a cruel action …

  • SATURDAY, MARCH 22, 1997

    No More Winking At Teen Smoking

    Imagine kids on a playground watching a shower of cigarettes raining down from the sky. “We have to sell cigarettes to your kids,” says a voice. It’s a television ad …



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