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True or false

Spokane was mentioned once in an issue of Iron Man.


If you loved Silver Age comic books

You doubtless came across the name Carmine Infantino. He has died.

You might want to Google him and read a few of the obits written about the man behind The Flash, among others.  

What did Betty and Veronica see in him?

A) Archie's dry wit. B) His hair grid. C) He drove a very small truck. D) The thing is, neither girl was all that bright. E) They were just using Archie to get to Jughead. F) Archie's muscular, nippleless torso. G) Other.


Newspaper front pages in comic books

Wouldn't it be fun to take a look at a bunch of newspaper headlines as depicted in Silver Age comic books?

I thought I had come upon an original idea for online inquiry here. But it turns out others had beat me to it. Well, at least that made finding pictures pretty easy.




1st Batman Comic Book Sells For $493K

In this photo released by Heritage House Auctions, a copy of “Detective Comics #27” with the first appearance of Batman is shown. Originally purchased by a 13-year old Robert Irwin in 1939 for 10 cents, the comic was sold to an anonymous collector for $492,937 today by Heritage Auctions in Dallas. (AP Photo/Heritage Auctions)

Question: Which comic books did you collect as a kid?