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Last Straw Or Not, Signing Darryl Not End Of World

Darryl Strawberry is an entertainer, so the rules are different for him. Just ask George Steinbrenner. Photo by Associated Press

Red Wings: They Know It’s Over

Wings coach Scotty Bowman was disgusted after Thursday’s loss. Photo by Associated Press

Oakland In Search Of Its Past

Al Davis will be 66 years old next month. He wants to win one more Super Bowl in one more decade, the ‘90s. If he takes the Raiders back to …

Laugh It Up Dave Barry Keeps Fans Entertained Promoting His ‘Complete Guide To Guys’

Humorist Dave Barry goofs around during a San Francisco radio show, the 12th show in less than 48 house, while promoting “Dave Barry’s Complete Guide to Guys.” Photo by Patrick …

Cutting Costs For Interviews News Shows Slow Down On Cash Payments

Joey Buttafuoco gestures during a jailhouse interview with TV magazine show “A Current Affair.”

Hot Coffey Tees Off Over TV Analysts

If Paul Coffey can go to war against the New Jersey Devils as well as he’s battling a couple of TV guys, the Red Wings still have a good chance …

Norman’s Second To One, Again Overnight Co-Leader Settles For Runner-Up Spot For Sixth Time

Greg Norman can’t bear to watch after missing a birdie putt on the 10th hole and a chance to win his first U.S. Open. Photo by Associated Press

It’s Time To Come To The Four

Two months ago the suggestion would have been preposterous. In spring training, such as it was this year, the Mariners looked like a team that was going to score a …

Finals Over, Let The Tributes Begin

May this basketball championship bring this scattered metropolis whatever the first one didn’t, and to hear the locals whine, winning one was worth nothing but scorn and suspicion. It was …

Money, Prestige Threaten Integrity Of Ncaa Sports

Miami made the cover, but it was two smaller stories that made me sick. They were smaller, yet similar, stories. And increasingly all too familiar stories.

Drexler Appeases Trade War

Now, the Rockets can’t get enough of Clyde Drexler. Photo by Associated Press

Music Can Help Sort Out Life Songs Have The Power To Shape Your Thoughts And Memories

I’ve often felt that somewhere, out there on the cosmic radio band, there’s a running soundtrack for the movie of life. A lot of the time it feels like I’m …

Ages Of Love Movie Based On Waller’s ‘Bridges Of Madison County’ Brings Romance Of Autumn Love To The Big Screen

1. Robert James Waller 2. Streep and Eastwood bring autumn sensuality to screen in the affair between Johnson, 45, and Kincaid, 52.

Fans To Sports Magnates: Stop Pushing Us Around

Soon, now that school is out and the evenings are warming and the league standings are taking shape, the fans may return to the major league baseball parks. Their work …

How? Houston Has Hakeem

It’s easier to explain rocket science this morning than how the Houston Rockets will win back-to-back NBA titles. Less messy, too.

Want A Good Plodder? Try Timber Country

He’s still a plodder and he’s not that good. I’m no Timber Country fan. But I can’t beat him, not in the Belmont Stakes, so I won’t waste my money …

Game 1 Was Great Unless You’re Nick Anderson

Nick Anderson chokes, then screams. Photo by Associated Press

Move Takes Fight Right Out Of Tacoma

This gloomy news that the our Rockets are exercising an escape clause in their contract to relocate in British Columbia leaves me with one question: Where will we Tacoma sports …

What Next Behrings, Vaudeville?

Oh, those wacky Behrings. Those side-splitting, tale-telling jokers of jockdom. Those Simpsons of the NFL. What a bunch of crackups.

Wish Grads Luck, Because They’ll Need Lots Of It

Editor’s note: Know someone giving a graduation speech? Clip this article out and give it to them. Just a little friendly advice. Yet another school year has passed, and, alas, …

Forcing Michael Huge Marketing Plan Will Remind Us That We Really Like Michael Jackson’s Music

In 1993, Jackson received three awards at the World Music Awards. Today, Epic Records is spending a record amount in marketing to bring his status back to its ‘93 level. …

Dylan’s Message Spans Generations

Last December I had a revealing conversation about Bob Dylan with our daughter Winnie, visiting from college. I had made a point of taping Dylan’s appearance on “MTV Unplugged” to …

Tennis Powers-That-Be Look To Rein In Speedy Men’s Game

On Tuesday, June 20, six days before the start of Wimbledon, the ITF will convene a meeting in London of 40 to 50 major tennis figures to begin discussions on …

Violence For Fun Packs In The Players In Cyberworld The Bloodier The Better When It Comes To Virtual-Reality - Violence Offers A Guaranteed Sale

The field engineer straps the virtual-reality headset to my sunburnt forehead and throws the switch. As if God had just shaken his Etch-A-Sketch, the exhibit hall of VR-World ‘95 in …

Magic ‘Collects’ A Check Before Paying Its Dues

Tomorrow arrived yesterday. Orlando wasn’t supposed to win. NBA history says a franchise has to pay its dues. It has to have the obligatory heartbreaks. It has to lose before …

Beefed-Up Dolphins Are Talk Of Nfl World

The morning sky begins thickening, black as midnight. Don Shula looks up sharply. Sky gets message, clears up, and a field full of Dolphins goes back to work. After a …

Tilt Head Back And Look Squarely Down Your Nose

This hick-town hoops isn’t so bad. Not that Orlando and Indianapolis aren’t major metropoli in many senses, but they ain’t New York or L.A. or Chicago, big-city-wise or basketballsuccess-wise.

Behring Sees Need To Stir Waters

Having descended the stairs at the debutante ball, albeit with a broken strap, garish mascara and droopy nylons, the Mariners have Seattle’s attention. Did you expect the Seahawks to simply …

Baseball Cries Foul Over Cards

Baseball cards have always been the stuff of dreams or cash. Collect them. Trade them. Flip them. Buy them. Sell them. The rarest card, a Honus Wagner of nearly a …

Latin Stars Find Friendly Home In Seattle With Los Marineros

Tino Martinez is part of the Latin Connection that has propelled the Mariners. Photo by Associated Press