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Baseball’s Ashamed, And That’s A Good Thing

Baseball’s biggest problem - its bad attitude - is solved. The strike did it. The game has sobered up. What an awful price to pay to regain your sanity. The …

‘Fire Sales’ Sign Of Times In Baseball

Here is the state of Major League Baseball today: The New York Yankees acquire superb reliever John Wetteland from the impoverished Montreal Expos for practically nothing. On the same day, …

Let’s Take Another Look At Divorce

Imagine a world without divorce. Or at least one in which it would be more difficult to obtain and would be held in more disdain than it is today.

Norman Plays Good Enough To Not Choke

Out on Augusta National’s front nine, Greg Norman had birdied the 180-yard sixth hole to go nine under par for the Masters, but his name was not yet on the …

In Clutch, Crenshaw Goes By Book

1. Crenshaw sheds a tear in memory of his mentor, Harvey Penick. Photo by Associated Press

Watson Wastes Chances Making The Masters’ Cut Isn’t Enough For Veteran

One measure of how cruel a game golf can be is that the shortest stroke sometimes becomes the most difficult to make. The irony is not wasted on Tom Watson. …

Holmes Hoping He’ll Have Ability To Answer Mccall

He was in the room where he won the heavyweight championship almost 17 years ago, talking about fighting Bobby Czyz in the first defense of his second title. Yeah, he …

The Death Of A Child Gives Us Pause To Understand Life City Is Left Reeling When The Unthinkable Happens

(Unpublished correction:) The name of Brandon Farnworth was misspelled in this story.

Past Champs Look Wooden By Comparison

Jim Harrick’s Bruin took their title the old-fashioned way: They earned it. Photo by Associated Press

Don’t Call Gill Cop-Out

“Hey K,” Gary Payton joked last week with Kendall Gill, “How many more games left in the season? Gill knew. “How many quarters left?”

Game, Fans No Longer So Innocent

They finally agreed to bring back real big-league baseball, at least at the end of April, but can they bring back the poetry they stole from it? It’s up to …

To Revive Itself, Baseball Needs To Find New Blood

People, people who hate people, are the unluckiest people in the world. That’s why major-league baseball - even as it prepares to return to the field after a 232-day strike …

For 1 Million Pebbles, L.T. Wrestles Bam Bam

Lawrence Taylor will walk through a tunnel tonight, his game face intact. He will hear the buzz, the muffled cheers and perhaps he will remember. It has been more than …

‘Real’ Baseball Still Has Real Big Problems

She was commissioner for a day and, in the “best interests of the game” tradition of Fay Vincent, Peter Ueberroth and Bowie Kuhn, the honorable Sonia Sotomayor has apparently delivered …

Roberts, Lovett Hardly Paired Up

We knew it couldn’t last, didn’t we? As odd couples go, Julia Roberts and Lyle Lovett eclipsed almost any other celebrity duo you could name. Only the Michael Jackson-LisaMarie Presley …

Teens Still Need Parents In Lives

The news has been filled lately with Republicans taking a pass on running for president. Former Vice-President Dan Quayle, former cabinet members Jack Kemp and Dick Cheney House Speaker Newt …

This Final Four Shapes Up As One For The Ages

And the winner is … Pulp Fiction. Oops, sorry about that. I was just having some Hoop Dreams of my own there for a minute and I forgot the question.

Only Tyson Can Win War For His Soul

1. Tyson 2. Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson, wearing a kufi, is escorted into a limousine Saturday by Don King. Photo by Associated Press

Arizona St. Adds Life To Southeast Regional

History and success fairly drip from the basketball traditions at Kentucky, North Carolina and Georgetown. Then there is Arizona State.

Ncaa Pools Breathe Energy Into Workplace

Madness isn’t confined to the basketball court. It’s in office corridors, elevators and cafeterias across the country. It’s a buzz of scores, seeds and stats coupled with an overriding belief …

This Show Looks Great On Its Merit

Wake Forest’s Randolph Childress holds back his dismay after a rare miss. Photo by Associated Press

Comeback Could Be The Start Of Something, Uh, Big?

Just like riding a bicycle. Over Niagara Falls. How could Michael Jordan ever have given up all of this to go 1 for 5?

Family Values Come From Parents

Is there a greater joy than being self-righteous about the lack of family values on TV? Ask Dan Quayle and let the bashing begin. Guess what? An advocacy group for …

To Davis, Ua Is University Of Adversity

Ben Davis did not make it to Dayton for the NCAA Tournament with his Arizona basketball teammates. Three years ago, Ben Davis did come to Dayton for the tournament with …

Take Your Pick In Ncaa

In three weeks, Rick Pitino wouldn’t mind another shower from a tub of Gatorade. Photo by Associated Press

Jordan Milks Comeback For All Its Worth

Michael Jordan know’s he’s in demand. Photo by Associated Press

Bruin Draw: It’s A Bunch Of Bullwhip

Dear Bobby: Leave the bullwhip home. Please. I’m begging you. For once in your life, try to be nice. I know it’s hard. I know it’s against your nature, in …

Finding, Keeping A Good Baby Sitter Certainly No Easy Task

The more years you are a parent, the more you learn about those baby sitters - those bursting-at-the-seams adolescent girls you pay $3 an hour to puppy love your children …

Not Even Grgurich Can Keep Sonics From Disaster

The disheveled looks on the faces of the Seattle SuperSonics after their overtime loss in Phoenix Friday night told the real meaning of the FINE EFFORT. They are unbalanced, confused …

It’s Frightening To Understand Baseball Strike

We stand in clumps outside a hotel ballroom, shifting from foot to foot, waiting for something, someone, to emerge. If Donald Fehr shows up, or Princess Di, we are ready. …