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“Bruised Ego” Prevention

For those who can’t stand the torture of figuring out what they should have said or what they should have done, planning ahead pays off more than procrastination…or does it?

“Something came up.”  “My cell phone broke.”  “I had to take Jimmy to the doctor.”  “What?! Nobody told me that!”

Ah, yes.  The deceptive crafts of excuse making and comeback preparing have become much more witty and clever, but studies have shown these acts to be “self-sabotage” in one of its purest forms.

Psychologists have found that people who have habits of making excuses set themselves up for failure, hamper their own success by lowering others’ expectations for them, and form everlasting webs of lies.

Excuses are the perfect, yet unhealthy ”handicaps” blinding people from their full potentials.