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Spokane Cookies

My colleague and Slice writer Paul Turner shared some mail he received from a reader.

The reader said she is a "thrift store cookbook seeker" and found a recipe for Spokane Cookies in a book that she picked up on a trip with her daughter.

She copied and sent the page from a church cookbook compiled by the Woman's Society of Christian Service at the Ninth Street Methodist Church in Three Rivers, Mich.

"I wonder how many cooks in Spokane will be baking 'Spokane Cookies' for their friends," she wrote in her note, which landed on my desk before the holidays.

I haven't come across a similar recipe searching the Dorothy Dean archive over the years. A quick web search didn't turn up any similar "Spokane Cookies."

It makes me wonder if it was a recipe shared between friends and family, or if it is a reference to something other than this area.

Have you ever come across Spokane Cookies? What would you consider a Spokane cookie?

Celebrity cookbooks: Yes or no?


I realize they are not all alike. But as a general rule, are you inclined to trust them? 

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Signature Tastes of Spokane

Treat the cooks on your holiday shopping list to a little taste of the Spokane culinary scene.

Just in time for the season of gift giving, Smoke Alarm Media is releasing "Signature Tastes of Spokane." Co-authors  Steven Siler and Nicole Manganaro have gathered recipes from locally-owned restaurants around the area. Chefs, caterers, farms, markets, wineries and bakeries also shared recipes for the book. It features more than 100 recipes, along with black and white photography of the area's culinary culture.

Signature Tastes of SpokaneThe book covers drinks, appetizers, soups, salads, entrees and desserts.

We're sharing a recipe from the book in Wednesday's food section. Look inside for the recipe for the Bucket of Love from chef David Blaine and Latah Bistro.

Siler, editor-in-chief at Smoke Alarm Media, has also produced "Signature Tastes" cookbooks for Boise, Idaho, Bellingham, Wash. and Charlotte, N.C. The "Signature Tastes of Seattle" is planned for a January release. The nationwide project will eventually feature all 50 states and 150 different cities.

Signature Tastes of Spokane is being released later this week and can be purchased at Amazon.com and BarnesAndNoble.com.

It will also be available soon at Auntie's Bookstore, Rosauers Supermarkets, Super 1 Foods, Huckleberry's Natural Markets, Barnes and Noble stores and at many of the restaurants and retailers featured in the book.

There's more information on the "Signature Tastes of Spokane" page on Facebook.


Get it before it’s gone

I keep very few cookbooks on my shelf for easy access. "The Joy of Cooking,"  an old church cookbook with some favorite reipes, two of Alton Brown's books. And my cooking bible, a.k.a. "How To Cook Everything," by Mark Bittman. 

I love HTKE for its simplicity as well as for its flexibility. Need a standard pancake batter recipe? It's in there. Don't have buttermilk? Substitutions are in there. Don't have overnight to prep? Quicker procedure is in there. That's just scratching the surface of the book's usefulness.

For some time, there has been an app for that on iTunes. Utility literally at your fingertips. But being a spendthrift, I hadn't gotten around to purchasing it.

Now I don't have to. Starbucks has chosen the iPhone version of How to Cook Everything as it's "pick of the week." So go get the download card at your closest Starbucks, download the app and have a cooking bible at your fingertips. And save $4.99 in the process.