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Sweet potato marshmallow casserole livens up holiday meals

All my friends and family are obsessed with sweet potato casserole covered in gooey marshmallow.

Game for the table: Experts offer tips for cooking wild critters

The best part of a successful hunt isn’t the antlers – no matter how impressive – that hang on your wall for years to come. It’s the months of delicious, …

Dorothy Dean presents: Turkey cake pops #becausecuteness

These Thanksgiving-themed cake pops can do double duty as dessert and place-card holders.

No Bones About It: Squash mac and cheese is a new fall favorite

This is fall comfort food at its best: homemade mac and cheese with a rich, flavorful sauce that gets its thick, silky consistency from pureed butternut squash.

UPDATED: Wed., Nov. 8, 2017, 11:10 a.m.

Apples and sweet potatoes are often found on the Thanksgiving table, just not usually in the same dish

Students in the Margaret Ritchie School of Family and Consumer Sciences at the University of Idaho combined ingredients that aren’t usually paired together in this year’s Thanksgiving challenge.

Learn to make lefse

Quillisascut Farm is holding its third annual lefse workshop Nov. 11, and now’s the time to sign up.

Hunting for elderberries might be worth it when flu season arrives

Elderberries are rich in antioxidants, and their extract can ease flu symptoms.

UPDATED: Tue., Sept. 19, 2017, 6:02 p.m.

Dorothy Dean presents: Thin-crust pizza that can stand up to many toppings

This crust is thin and crispy but can still hold its own when loaded with toppings.

Mark your calendars: Farm to Food Expo is Nov. 3 and 4 at Spokane Community College

The event offers more than 75 workshops geared toward gardeners, small-acreage farmers and foodies.

Kitchen Engine celebrates 11th anniversary with annual sales event

Items are marked down anywhere from 15 to 70 percent off. Plus, the store is doing $3,000 worth of instant door-prize giveaways

Dorothy Dean presents: bacon-wrapped chicken breasts

This dish is meaty, rich and satisfying.

Dorothy Dean presents: apple kuchen

Watch chef Leroy Payne prepare a classic Dorothy Dean recipe.

Cooking the Mother Sauces: Patience a key ingredient

Hollandaise is thickened by an emulsion of melted butter and egg yolk.

UPDATED: Wed., Aug. 23, 2017, 4:04 p.m.

Cooking School: Veloute of the Five Mother Sauces

Veloute is a light roux whisked with chicken, turkey, fish or any other clear stock.

Dorothy Dean presents: Orzo pasta salad

Served either hot or cold, this orzo pasta salad pairs well with fish or chicken, or makes a refreshing, light main dish on its own.

Dorothy Dean presents: Strawberry-Rhubarb Crisp

Sweet and tart go hand-in-hand. They balance each other out perfectly. A big, fat layer of buttery, crunchy, crumble helps, too. So does creamy, vanilla ice cream.

Cooking School: The Five Mother Sauces – making Espagnole

Espagnole is a basic brown sauce.

UPDATED: Wed., July 26, 2017, 10:36 a.m.

Cooking School: Bechamel a versatile base

Classic bechamel relies on a base of roux to thicken the sauce.

Cooking School: Getting saucy with the five ‘mother sauces’

This classic sauce is made by cooking down tomatoes.

Dorothy Dean presents: Crepes offer blank canvas for flavors and textures

Just think of them as thin pancakes. That you can have for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

UPDATED: Wed., July 5, 2017, 11:27 a.m.

Dorothy Dean presents: Bacon-potato roses

These little beauties are great for breakfast or as a side dish or appetizer. Plus, they’re kid-friendly.

Towering recipes: ‘The Last Magnificent’ Jeremiah Tower shares a few recipes in advance of his Inland Northwest visit this week

The legendary chef will make at appearance at the first Crave food and drink festival in Spokane Valley.

Skillet pork chops with apples and onions trick dinner guests into thinking you spent hours on the dish

For a little extra kick, consider adding a little freshly grated ginger to the sauce.

The morel of the story: eat more mushrooms

These nutty little nuggets – brainy, grainy and resembling certain kinds of coral – are valued for their depth of flavor, lending an earthiness to all kinds of dishes. Butter …

Dorothy Dean: Shortbread – simple, rich, satisfying – offers a blank, buttery canvas for all sorts of flavors

These shortbread cookies include orange zest and chopped cranberries. But the base could also be livened up with all sorts of options.

Rappers becoming fixtures on food scene

Snoop may seem an unlikely guest for a festival where high-brow foodies come for $500-a-plate dinners to mingle with chefs like Jose Andres and Daniel Boulud, but it’s emblematic of …

Cheddar Leprechaun Bread recipe

The cooking classes for children at Second Harvest have covered a variety of recipes, from pizza to smoothies to this bread at class earlier this month.

Second Harvest teaches kids healthy cooking

Second Harvest has started kids cooking classes that are impacting family decisions for healthier eating – from wheat flour for making pizza dough to homemade shamrock smoothie shakes.

Plunge into the art of seafood cooking for Lent

Some items simply might be cost-prohibitive, depending on an individual’s budget. But, there is more than one fish in the sea.

Goodbye Dorothy Dean: Woman who served as last home economics specialist at The Spokesman-Review dies at 89

Margaret Heimbigner, the last woman to serve as The Spokesman-Review’s “Dorothy Dean,” has died at 89.