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Gookin Rips City, Education Corridor

Looks like the Coeur d’Alene Press is giving Dan Gookin another forum to use Mayor Sandi Bloem and the Coeur d’Alene City Council as a punching bag. The latest broadside has just been posted online — the free online spot not the one hiding behind the firewall — takes issue with the city raising property taxes 1% and the purchase of the Education Corridor for North Idaho College expansion. Says Gookin: “The reason your property taxes are going up is that the City Council voted on Aug. 3 to bend the rules for their friends. The council voted to approve the annexation of the former DeArmond mill site into the city. That’s the property that will become the future Education Corridor. The annexation fees for the property, which is being purchased for $10,000,000, amount to $216,495. That money would have gone into the City’s general fund budget. But it didn’t.” Imagine being able to expand higher education in this community for the foreseeable future for a measly $216,495.

Question: Do you support the Education Corridor and increased higher education opportunities in the Coeur d’Alene area?

Gookin Doesn’t Expect New Election

Sounds like Dan Gookin’s ready to toss in the towel re: Jim Brannon’s very long shot try to overturn the 2009 Coeur d’Alene City Council elections. Under the Coeur d’Alene Press online story about Tuesday’s rulings by Judge Charles Hosack in the case without end amen, Gookin writes: “… this thing is going to trial. Testimony will be heard, evidence given. The public will know what happened. I don’t think the judge will order a new election, but the people of Coeur d’Alene will harbor serious doubts as to the legitimacy of their city government. Rightfully so.” Or the public will finally realize the lack of legitimacy of this lawsuit. Judge Hosack already has commented that Brannon/Starr Kelso/Bill McCrory & Co. have failed to make their various points. Either Gookin is trying to lower expectations. Or one of the OpenCDA.com crowd finally has the sense to admit what many of us have realized all along. This dog don’t hunt. You can read Gookin’s full comment here (4:53 p.m. comment).


High Noon: Gookin Lauds HBO Debate

In one of those rare even-a-broken-clock-is-right-twice-a-day moments, Dan Gookin of OpenCDA.com applauds Huckleberries Online for the discussion re: the Kootenai Technical Education Campus that has gone on here for a coupla days. Sez Gookin: “While I support the concept of KTEC, and welcome vocational education, I must applaud those in our community who have the courage to stand up and be against something.” You can read the rest here.

Question: Do you have the ability to disagree with people without developing a disagreeable attitude toward them?

Gookin Blasts Legislature, Ysursa

Here’s an example of the rhetoric I was discussing in my last post re: OpenCDA.com. In a comment below yet another Bill McCrory slam on the local & state election system, Dan Gookin responds (No. 10 comment) that the Legislature has a collective IQ under 80. This, from an individual who is suppose to be a Republican re: the supermajority Republican Legislature. Quoth: “Honestly, we have the largest collection of do-nothings in the legislature.” Gookin then takes a slap at respected Republican Secretary of State Ben Ysursa and says he regrets that no one is running against him. You can read it all here. I do applaud Gookin for this — He’s now commenting under his own name rather than hiding behind a pseudonym and letting Mary take all the heat.

Question: Isn’t there a saying that you catch more flies with honey than vinegar? Is Gookin helping or hurting his future chances to run for office w/this rhetoric?

Fat Lady: ConspiracyCDA ‘Ridiculous’

Fat Lady Sings: the folks at conspiracycda.com are ridiculous as are the comparisons to North Korea and the Soviet Union. I am sure that they could be more stupid but I’m not sure what that would look like.

DFO: I agree with many who say that Gookin, Souza, & Co. bring up an occasional legitimate issue. But they react so over the top that the issue gets buried in their rhetoric. Remember, they once were part of Huckleberries Online. But Gookin & Souza stomped out of here 3 years ago or so because few here would buy into their extreme disgust for the urban renewal agency. I agreed with them at the time that the local approach to URD needed to be tweeked and the agency needed to be watched closer. But that wasn’t good enough for them. Again, I agree with them that word of Deanna’s near-fatal heart attack should have gotten out sooner. But they already were off and running with the silly notion that there was some sort of conspiracy going on at City Hall to keep a lid on the issue (as if someone in this town could accomplish that). At this point, the foamings of the OpenCDA.com crowd are little more than a source of amusement. But they have to be taken somewhat seriously in that they almost won two City Council seats in the last election. And they do have a candidate running for the Legislature in Coeur d’Alene that sympathizes with their aims — Kathy Sims. That race will provide another indication re: whether the naysayers are gaining or losing ground in this community.

Question: Have you paid any attention to the race for state Rep. George Sayler’s House seat between Repub Kathy Sims and Demo Paula Marano?

Hux: Unraveling Goodlander Conspiracy

As you know by now, Councilwoman Deanna Goodlander survived the scare of her life when her heart stopped beating five times at Kootenai Medical Center July 7. But did you know that Dan Gookin, Mary Souza and the rest of their Gang That Can’t Shoot Straight at OpenCDA.com foamed for days about a vast City Hall conspiracy to keep Deanna’s illness secret? As Deanna rested in the hospital after her close encounter with the Grim Reaper, Gookin was harrumphing on OpenSewer.com about the public’s right to know about her health. Quoth Gookin: “Hiding such information from the public and – worse – directing city staff to lie about the situation – reminds me of the old Soviet Union or even North Korea. We expect totalitarian states to hide such information from their masses. We don’t expect it here at home, but it’s something people should expect, especially from such a non-transparent and secretive organization like Coeur d’Alene City Hall”/DFO, Huckleberries, SR. More here.

Question: When should City Hall have notified the public that Deanna had suffered a heart attack?

OpenCDA Keeps Up Vote Fraud Mantra

At OpenCDA.com, Dan & Mary continue to foment their incredible theory that goofy theory that serious voter fraud took place in the city of Coeur d’Alene last November. Mary is on point this time, producing a blog post that begins “It’s not just here in good ‘ole Coeur d’Alene, serious voter fraud is being uncovered in other places too.” She continues by citing other elections: Demo Al Franken’s Senate win in Minnesota; Hillary vs. Obama; and a 2008 Black Panther voter intimidation case. Which causes Gookin to intone from the Peanut Gallery: “The people who threw the 2009 City Election had to learn from somewhere.” Hold your nose, and click here.


OpenCDA Demands Health Disclosure

At OpenCDA.com, the inmates are in a lather re: transparency, believing that Mayor Sandi Bloem’s administration is withholding info re: the health of one of the City Council members. Intones one of them: “Elected officials are not entitled to certain levels of privacy expected from the general public. For example, if an elected official were to become ill, I believe it’s the government’s duty to inform the people.” Then, keyboard commando Dan Gookin speculates in error that City Hall has requested that the media sit on any info re: sick officials. And his fellow commenters in the echo chamber attack the individual council person who is suppose to be sick as “a dictator” and “an appalling human being.” Such caring people under that particular cyber rock. I have made a call re: this situation. And will provide info when I get it. Meanwhile, you can read the venom re: this subject on OpenCDA.com here.

Question: Is the ill health of elected officials at the local level a concern that should be made public?

DanG Pooh-Poohs LCDC Online Worry

At the OpenCDA.com “Open Session” post today, Dan Gookin points out that he watched the Lake City Development Corp meeting last night. And was particularly interested in the discussion about online records. Seems LCDC members were pretty concerned about individuals altering the records. “What the LCDC does is ridiculous enough,” posts Gookin. “No one needs to alter their records.” If someone at LCDC has proof that records have been altered, continues Gookin, then they should let the public know about it — and name names. You can read the entire comment here.

Question: Have you ever wished you could go back an expunge something you’ve written online, at HucksOnline or elsewhere? Have you ever done so?

Gookin Targets MikeK’s Coffee Break

At OpenCDA.com, Dan Gookin takes umbrage at the audacity of Councilman Mike K to get up in the middle of a presentation by city staff to get a cup of coffee. You can read all about it here.