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Dana Milbank: The Democratic apology tour is a sorry spectacle

Forgive me, but would anybody mind if we declared a moratorium on Democratic apologies?

Dana Milbank: Six steps to surviving a job in the Trump administration

So you are about to accept President Trump’s offer to be White House chief of staff. On behalf of a grateful nation, thank you. We were worried nobody would take …

Dana Milbank: Of course it’s George Soros’ fault. It’s always George Soros’ fault.

Donald Trump and his advisers are not only endorsing the conspiracy theories but also assigning a whole new portfolio of world-domination responsibilities to George Soros – as if he didn’t …

Dana Milbank: Nancy Pelosi is the best person to lead the House Democrats. That’s why she should retire.

By announcing that this will be her last term, Nancy Pelosi would deflate the insurgency against her, give new members a reason to feel good about voting for her, lead …

Dana Milbank: While Trump feasts on Thanksgiving, troops on the border eat rations and await Pancho Villa

President Donald Trump is reportedly planning to celebrate Thanksgiving once again at his members-only Mar-a-Lago Club in Florida, feasting on (if previous menus repeat) a 24-dish extravaganza of turkey, stuffing, …

Dana Milbank: On Election Day, Americans began turning the tide on American politics

On Tuesday night, America stepped back from the abyss.

Dana Milbank: We know the GOP has at least one pre-existing condition

Selective memory loss is spreading, and it has become a necessary pre-condition to run as a Republican this year.

Dana Milbank: The GOP is buying the House. Literally

If Republicans succeed in keeping the House in November, it will have been bought for them by corporations and the rich – quite literally.

Dana Milbank: The midterms are all about Trump

President Trump is getting his wish: It’s all about him.

Dana Milbank: An unstoppable Florence meets an immovable Washington

After last year’s Hurrican Maria debacle, let’s pray FEMA has healed itself and is now up to the task of dealing with Hurricane Florence – despite the inaction of a …

Dana Milbank: Never have we seen such a spectacle

Donald Trump would quash such dissent as was heard at the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings. But America is still free, and the people will be heard.

Dana Milbank: Rest in peace, Lindsey Graham

We lost two mavericks within a week. Last Saturday, we lost the legendary John McCain. On Tuesday, we lost his loyal sidekick, Sen. Lindsey O. Graham.

Dana Milbank: Donald Trump, constitutional scholar

President Donald Trump’s interpretation of what’s legal and what isn’t puts the rest of us to shame.

Dana Milbank: Trump, down three touchdowns at halftime, declares victory

This is a grim moment for President Trump and his fellow Republicans. A Trump-boosting Republican member of Congress has been indicted on charges of insider trading – from the White …

Dana Milbank: Russia’s not meddling? Then explain Maria Butina.

The yawning gap between the world as it exists and the world as President Trump sees it was on vivid display Wednesday. A few minutes after noon, reporters in the …

Dana Milbank: The ritual humiliation of Peter Strzok

They stuck with Donald Trump when he was heard, on video, boasting about sexually assaulting women. They stuck with him still when he acknowledged paying hush money to a porn …

Dana Milbank: The GOP ignores the will of the people

Eight years ago, when Congress was about to pass Obamacare, John A. Boehner, leader of a powerless Republican congressional minority, gave a passionate, prescient speech on the House floor. “This …

Dana Milbank: Message on first lady’s jacket should be motto of Trump campaign

In the 1992 campaign, President George H.W. Bush created an unofficial and much-mocked motto for his administration during a town hall meeting in New Hampshire. “Message: I care,” he announced, …

Dana Milbank: Trump says trade wars are ‘easy.’ Here come the first American casualties.

President Trump believes that “trade wars are good, and easy to win.” So he started one. Now the casualties are beginning to return home from the battlefield, and on Capitol …

Dana Milbank: With no Eagles around, Trump acts like a turkey

Patriotism, Samuel Johnson told us long ago, is the last refuge of a scoundrel. President Trump just made it the last refuge of the jilted. Here, on the South Lawn …

Dana Milbank: Reports of a Democratic party rift are overblown

To peruse the coverage of the Democratic primaries of 2018, you’d think there was a battle royale within the Democratic Party: insurgent vs. establishment, Bernie vs. Hillary, progressive vs. moderate, …

Dana Milbank: Godspeed, John McCain. You are my hero.

At long last, have they left no sense of decency? White House official Kelly Sadler, during a meeting Thursday, had this to say about Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., for opposing …

Dana Milbank: If you preach about the poor, you don’t have a prayer in Washington

Praying for the poor is now apparently a firing offense in the corridors of power. House Speaker Paul Ryan did not give a reason when his chief of staff this …

Dana Milbank: The bottom drops out for Republicans

House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., did not have his thoughts collected when he faced the cameras after telling Republican colleagues he would not seek re-election to Congress in November. “I …

Dana Milbank: Trump era ushers in the triumph of the bootlicker

Last summer, when President Trump said there were “some very fine people” among the neo-Nazis in Charlottesville, he was standing in Trump Tower with two of his top economic advisers, …

Dana Milbank: The kids are going to save us from ourselves

The kids have come to save us. They have come from Florida, where their high school peers were gunned down on Valentine’s Day, inspiring them to organize Saturday’s March for …

Dana Milbank: Trump’s presidency becoming ‘The Purge’

Larry Kudlow – the man President Trump just tapped to be his top economic adviser – has a nearly flawless tendency to be wrong about the economy.

Dana Milbank: Trump’s chaotic leadership drives people to the exits

Whom the gods would destroy, they first make toil for Donald Trump. Jeff Sessions had been a four-term U.S. senator, had served as the top Republican on important committees and …

Dana Milbank: Trump isn’t hiring enough friends and family

I will grant that there is a problem with nepotism and cronyism in the Trump administration: He isn’t hiring enough friends and family.

Dana Milbank: Falsehoods fly freely in Trump’s America

This is the autopsy of a lie. On the night of Nov. 18, Border Patrol Agent Rogelio Martinez was found dying on the side of an interstate in West Texas. …