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People Who Once Lived in Spokane

The list includes…David Lynch. Did you think it was Khrushchev?


This is the Time cover from Oct. 1, 1990.

Spokane artist Tom Quinn adds director David Lynch to bar mural near GU

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We went over to the Gonzaga neighborhood recently and found Spokane artist Tom Quinn hard at work on the final touches of a mural being added to the University Bar & Grill.

We were struck by two things: John Stockton (who apparently didn't want his image on the wall) was replaced by GU hooper Casey Calvary; and David Lynch, who has a very limited Spokane connection, was featured on the wall, holding a beer next to Superior Court Judge Tari Eitzen, a true GU alumna.

We asked Judge Eitzen if she'd seen her wall portrait, and the answer was a loud and clear "No." In fact, Eitzen even asked: "Is that me?"

Artist Quinn said previous bar owners Willard Quinn III and his wife Christine came up with the requests to add Lynch to the mural.  But in our view, Lynch hardly qualifies for the wall. He was born in Spokane but then moved to Sandpoint. He has no connection to that neighborhood or GU, that we know of.

Revised version: based on Wikipedia, Lynch was born in Sandpoint and then lived briefly in Spokane.

Christine Quinn also requested Tom Quinn add a portrait of actress Michelle Morrow, whose images are featured in the accompanying video. She hails from Spokane.

Tom Quinn, by the way, is not related to Willard Quinn III.  

To look at some of Quinn's artwork and track progress on the mural, he's on Facebook here.

Waterkeeper call to action: NO on Pizarchik’s confirmation

We’re slapping our foreheads because this has to be the Obama Administration’s most Bush-league appointment: Joseph Pizarchik for Directory of the Office of Surface Mining, who has a record on coal that speaks for itself. A confirmation that means more mountaintop removal coal mining, more dangerous handling of toxic coal ash, and more climate change. The Appalachians run through Pennsylvania, where he held his previous position at the Bureau of Mining and Reclamation, and an estimated 750,000 to 1 million acres of hardwood forests, a thousand miles of waterways and more than 470 mountains and their surrounding communities have been obliterated in the last two decades. In fact, enough explosions equivalent of several Hiroshima atomic bombs are set off in Appalachia every year.

Please read about Pizarchik and his past at the inexplicably awesome, David Lynchian “The Dirty Lie.” (The video is sweet too.) They say the appointment is akin to letting the fox guard the chicken coop, and looking at his negligence of the Clean Water Act, we have to agree.

Most importantly, send a message to your legislator on this bad decision HERE.

We’re wondering how this happened? Of course, in this type of call to action, it’s occasionally protocol to tell senators they should call Senate Majoriy Leader Harry Reid and tell him the White House should withdraw Pizarchik’s nomination. Therein lies the problem. Dirty Harry might not save the day, let alone make it. He earned that nickname because he loves clean coal and has gone to great lengths to protect his mining interests in Nevada. Back in February we posted about his temper during a debate on the 1872 mining law and recalled when Luke Popovich, spokesman for the National Mining Association, said “I suspect that whatever he decides is good for mining is going to be on the table.” So here we are and a lot is on the table.