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Murray takes campaign job

Sen. Patty Murray has formally accepted the job as the head of the Senate Democrats’s campaign operation.

A statement from outgoing Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Chairman Robert Menendez is congratulating Murray on her selection. It says all the standard things, such as she’s the best choice to head the committee and she ran a good campaign this year against a tough opponent.

Not mentioned is the fact that several folks didn’t want the job, and Murray had to be talked into it.

The DSCC is in charge of getting Democrats elected or re-elected to the Senate in the coming campaign cycle.

Didier meets with R. Paul; Dems take note

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Clint Didier probably has the most avid readership of his Twitter postings in an unlikely quarter.

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. Although the DSCC is not always the most careful reader, it seems

Rarely has Didier tweeted in recent days about his trip to Washington, D.C., without the DSCC taking note, and sending copies to its long list of media outlets. This afternoon, Didier tweeted, and the DSCC repeated:

“Just met with Ron Paul. What an inspirational leader! Makes me want to fight harder for Liberty! Pics to come.”

When the DSCC sent out its e-mail, however, the described it as a meeting with Rand Paul.

Note to the Democrats: Ron Paul is the congressman from Texas who ran for president in 2008 in the Republican primaries. Rand Paul is his son, running for Senate this year in Kentucky, who recently won the Republican primary. They do look a little bit alike, but Ron is, not surprisingly, considerably older. And is more likely to be in Washington, D.C. these days.

Democrats trying to boost Rossi to knock him down?

Democrats may be paying Dino Rossi the ultimate compliment.

The guy is not a candidate against Patty Murray — not yet, anyway, and possibly not never — and yet they are going after  him hammer and tong. Or more accurately, Web site and Twitter.

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee has been working diligently to trash Rossi ever since his name surfaced as a measurable marker against Murray in some GOP polls. They may be taking these polls more seriously than Rossi himself, who appears content to let folks speculate by uttering the standard “in politics you never say never” line to questions about a run.

The polling numbers that make Rossi a viable candidate have to be taken with a certain degree of caution. The Republicans, see, have 11 candidates elbowing each other to take on the three-term incumbent, but not one of them has statewide name ID that makes a  head-to-head comparison worth the price of the poll. Clint Didier might poll well with sports fans, Don Benton with legislative political junkies, and a few of the others with GOP faithful who have caught their acts at the odd Republican luncheon or Lincoln Day dinner and liked what they saw.