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Sportsman’s club treats disabled to Shooting Day

SHOOTING — The Northwest Sportsman's Club has set June 1 for its annual shooting event for people with disabilities.

The club treats its guests to a day of .22 target shooting, long range shooting, muzzleloader shooting and even shotgun shooting with live birds at the Miller Ranch hunting preserve. To top it off, the day features a barbecue lunch and door prizes plus two firearms that will be raffled off to participants.

Participation is limited and participants must pre-register with an enrollment form available on the Northwest Sportsman's Club website.

Small fish leads to big catch on Life Care Center outing

FISHING — Even small fish have the potential for big results.

Ask the residents at Life Care Center of Post Falls, Idaho, who enjoyed four fishing trips this summer to Falls Park.

On Sept. 5, the last trip of the season, Resident Jim Blake caught a few laughs from the four residents at the pond by catching a fish that was barely bigger than the hook at the end of his line.

He handed the fishing rod to activity director Terrie Robinson, who left the pole idle and the small fish dangling in the water just long enough to lure in a prize-size bass that engulfed the first fish and stayed on the line while Robinson reeled in the catch of the day.

One hook; two fish.

Big things start small.

“We were all laughing and couldn’t believe what just happened,” Robinson said. 

“It was a wonderful day,” said Blake. “It was a blast with Terrie catching the fish with about five minutes left!”

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New Idaho rules aid disabled and young hunters

HUNTING — The Idaho Fish and Game Commission recently adopted rules that boost disabled and youth hunters:

  • A companion without a tag or permit will be allowed to assist a disabled hunter.
  • A person will be able to transfer a controlled hunt tag to a child or grandchild.

Idaho lawmakers directed the commission to develop these rules during the 2012 Legislature.

The commission also adopted rules that become effective January 1, 2013, that will allow a person age  8 and older to participate in a mentored hunting program without being required to hold a hunter education certificate.

Read on for details.

Judge halts state budget cut for disabled

Idaho’s planned cutbacks in Health & Welfare programs have run into a snag - a federal judge has temporarily barred the state from cutting a cash assistance program for some developmentally disabled adults. The recipients, who all function at the level of an 8-year-old or below, are part of a proposed class-action lawsuit charging that cutting their monthly payments could force them to become institutionalized, actually costing the state more than paying to keep them in certified family care homes. Click below for a full report from AP reporter Rebecca Boone.