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City Council rejects ‘Do Not Mail’ concept

Post Office employees are fighting back against a proposal to allow people to “opt out” from receiving bulk mail.

On Monday, the Spokane City Council rejected a non-binding resolution asking the state Legislature to create a registry that would allow people to decline bulk mail.

Spokane Postmaster Karen Fairlee and several postal workers testified against the idea, as did a few owners of local print shops.

Friday Quote - no thank you

“If you are like me, you get a lot of junk mail. On average, people in the U.S. receive 560 pieces of junk mail every year. That means every household receives unsolicited mail equal to 1.5 trees every year — over 100 million trees for all U.S. households” - Spokane City Councilwoman Amber Waldref in a email this week urging citizens to support a non-binding resolution she has brought forth to the Spokane City Council urging the State of Washington to establish a “Do Not Mail” Registry.

The Spokane City Council will vote on this on Monday, May 3rd during the Legislative Meeting which takes place at 6 p.m. in the City Council Chamber.  “It’s about consumer choice, environmental protection and fiscal responsibility,” Waldref continues in her email.
For more information, visit Councilwoman Waldref’s website HERE.

And if you’re compelled to speak out one way or another about this, Spokane City Council members contact information is after the jump.

Another Green Monday

Forty years ago a bunch of hippies and about half a million of their friends showed up on a dairy farm in New York state for three days of music. They left full of peace and love, having closed out one of the most tumultuous decades in our countries history by taking part in the defining event of the counter-culture movement. 

All of the retrospective imagery of Woodstock being displayed all over the web this weekend left us in a “power to the people” sort of mood.  And the anniversary of the largest display of peace and love couldn’t come at a more appropriate time as our country is as dangerously divided as ever with partisan politics playing out in a no holds barred steel cage arena with the “lunatic fringe” making up more and more of the audience.

In our current consumer culture, power to the people is best understood by power to the dollar, where our spending habits say more about who we are and what we care about.  So for all the jokes we’ve made over the last year about soap smugglers in Spokane who drive across the border to Idaho for dish soap following Spokane’s phosphorous ban, the biggest smile we got over the issue was Sunday when the Spokesman reported the phosphorous ban was working.  According to the S-R, data show that water coming into Spokane’s sewage plant in the first 12 months after the ban began had 10.7 percent less phosphorus than the annual average the previous three years.  Spokane county is the first in the state to ban phosphorous from dish soaps, with the rest of the state following in 2010, and proposed phosphorous bans cropping up all over the country.  “We’re literally leading the nation here in Spokane County, which is pretty amazing if you think about it,” said Rachael Paschal Osborn, Spokane River coordinator for the Sierra Club. 

With good news being so hard to come by these days, we’ll take it.  Now it’s your turn Seattle, be sure to vote tomorrow to approve Referendum 1 - send a clear message to Big Oil and their allies in the chemical industry that there is no market for highly toxic, petroleum based plastic bags in Seattle, the state of Washington, and the rest of the world.

San Francisco passes “Do Not Mail” resolution. We rejoice.

This is something we’ve harped on through daily tips and videos, so we’re pretty excited to hear the San Francisco Board Of Supervisors passed a resolution for California to create a Do Not Mail registry, and give citizens the choice to stop receiving unwanted junk mail.

 ”Until now, junk mailers have stifled all efforts to give Americans what they want: an enforceable, comprehensive solution to junk mail’s waste and annoyance” said ForestEthics Executive Director Todd Paglia. “San Francisco is the first city in the United States to take political action against junk mail, marking the beginning of a long-awaited government intervention to protect citizens from relentless and predatory junk mailers.”

A 2007 poll said 89% of Americans support the creation of a national registry, a clear indication this unsustainable practice must come to an end. Who doesn’t find it annoying?

Do not mail

Remember our daily tip on stopping junk mail last week? It was annoying as the problem itself. Well, here we go again… The facts remain though: More than 100 million trees a year are logged to produce junk mail which creates carbon emissions equivalent to nine million cars, and 44 percent goes to landfills unopened. Such a waste! And Americans will spend eight months of their lives dealing with junk mail. http://donotmail.org/