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Pomeranian ever threatened to kill you?

It has happened to me more than once.

Those little dogs just don't like me.


When others want to choose for you

There were a fair number of people out walking, jogging and riding bikes this morning.

Here's hoping everyone looked both ways and paid attention to lingering slick spots and potholes.

But, for a few of us, there was another issue.

There was a young border collie being walked by a woman in my neighborhood. And he clearly wanted to herd people.

You can't blame these smart dogs for thinking we would benefit from their guidance. I mean, left to our own devices, look at the choices some of us make.

But if you feel certain that you are OK to proceed on your own recognizance, what do you say to the black and white canine wanting desperately to tell you where to go?

A) "Thanks, but I'm going to keep heading this way." B) "You have mistaken me for livestock." C) "That'll do, Pup. That'll do." D) "If it's all the same to you, I'll go ahead and exercise free will." E) "It's OK, my house is right down there." F) Other.