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How Donald Trump, with pizazz and bluster, took on the NFL

More than 30 years ago, Donald Trump bought a franchise in the upstart United States Football League. He then led his fellow owners to sue the NFL in a high-stakes …

Krauthammer: GOP future rides on Rubio/Cruz majority

Trump ideas hare-brained, contradictory, impractical and, most importantly, not truly conservative.

Can Ted Cruz legally be president? Ivy League scholars debate

Two legal scholars squared off in a public debate on Friday to settle whether Republican Ted Cruz is eligible to become president. Spoiler alert: They didn’t settle it.

Marco Rubio is target as rivals try to block his rise

With the New Hampshire primary poised to cut down the Republican field, candidates are sharpening their knives in a desperate bid for survival that on Thursday resembled a group attack …

Trump wants Iowa election do-over

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is accusing rival Ted Cruz of stealing the Iowa caucuses and is demanding a do-over.

Trump says Cruz’s win was fraudulent; Paul drops out of race

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is taking issue with the results of Monday’s Iowa caucuses, accusing contest winner Ted Cruz of fraud.

Despite big lead, Trump lowers expectations in New Hampshire

Donald Trump shrugged off a second place finish in Iowa, suggesting Tuesday that New Hampshire – which holds the nation’s first primary on Feb. 9 – “fits me better.”

In Iowa, late deciders and evangelicals sided against Donald Trump

Donald Trump made a late play for evangelical voters in Iowa’s Republican presidential caucus, but he ultimately couldn’t wrest the group away from winner Ted Cruz, according to entrance polls …

Donald Trump boosts turnout, but not all newcomers vote for him

Donald Trump’s presence is drawing unprecedented attention to the Republican presidential contest. But after careful consideration, many new Iowa voters turned to his rivals instead.

Iowa kicks off 2016 voting; Democratic, GOP races tight

Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Bernie Sanders hope to ride voter energy into victories in Monday’s Iowa caucuses, as Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton bank on sophisticated get-out-the vote operations …

Parker: Trump rude, not politically incorrect

Bashing of Megyn Kelly unleashes impotent “dirty little ids.”

Trump-less GOP debate drew 12.5 million viewers

The seventh Republican presidential debate – and the first one without Donald Trump – has reached 12.5 million viewers.

Debate fact check: GOP claims on carpet bombs, Kurds and economy

Republican presidential contenders let fly with some inaccuracies when they badmouthed the Obama administration on health care, military readiness and pay for construction workers in their latest debate.

GOP candidates fill the void left by Trump’s boycott

A debate without Donald Trump offered his rivals a chance to escape his long shadow Thursday, resulting in sharp exchanges among Republicans hoping to survive the winnowing of the presidential …

Trump looks to grab attention as GOP rivals debate

Republican presidential candidates take the debate stage Thursday night absent their front-runner, Donald Trump, who will instead seek to starve his rivals of attention at a critical juncture in the …

Dana Milbank: Clinton must beat ‘socialist’ Sanders

Clinton a dreary candidate, but would defeat demogogue Trump.

UPDATED: Wed., Jan. 27, 2016, 2:17 p.m.

Obama, Sanders at the White House: Nice chat but that’s all

President Barack Obama welcomed Bernie Sanders to the White House on Wednesday, but he wasn’t necessarily feeling the Bern.

Kathleen Parker: Palin a monster conservatism created

“National Review” loved Palin, but cannot abide Trump, the candidate she endorsed.

Analysis: Answering 5 questions about whether Trump is really conservative

For as long as Donald Trump has been riding atop the Republican primary polls, his record has raised questions about his conservative credentials.

Milbank: What would Jesus, er, Trump do?

The bombastic gospel of The Donald conceals a false prophet.

Sarah Palin’s oldest son arrested in domestic violence case

The oldest son of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin was arrested in a domestic violence case in which his girlfriend was afraid he would shoot himself with an AR-15 assault …

Donald Trump receives key endorsement from Sarah Palin

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump received a key endorsement from conservative heavyweight Sarah Palin, Tuesday.

UK lawmakers slam Trump, but most oppose banning him

LONDON – Donald Trump doesn’t have many fans in Britain’s Parliament. But a debate among lawmakers on calls to ban Trump from the country revealed little appetite to close Britain’s …

Trump unconcerned about role in terrorist video

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – Donald Trump brushed aside concerns Sunday about a recruitment video released by an al-Qaida affiliate in Africa that showed the Republican presidential front-runner’s call to close …

McManus: 2015 insultingly bad year for pundits

Trump campaign ignored by many commentators early.

Ruth Marcus: Sexist card plays both ways

Trump not out of line noting the indiscretions of former president Bill Clinton.

Dana Milbank: Oy veh! Are Republicans meshugeh?

Donald Trump, brush up your yiddish.

Robert J. Samuelson: Candidates build voter self-esteem

Sense of moral superiority fed by outrageous comments makes compromise difficult.

Smart Bombs: No country for new men

The ban on men entering our country should remain in effect until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on.

Charles Krauthammer: GOP campaigns sapped by Trump sideshow

Absurd plan to exclude Muslims distracts other candidates from real issues, lets Obama off hook.