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Video: Beacon Hill downhill biker bites dust, walks away

MOUNTAIN BIKING — Many of you saw my story and photos this spring about the efforts by downhill mountain bikers to developed courses for their fast, specialized and dangerous sport in the Camp Sekani area of Beacon Hill in Spokane Valley.

But few of you have ever sat in the saddle of one of these full-suspension bikes as they rocket downhill, soar over basalt rock cliffs and bounce through boulders and outcroppings toward the finish line.

Click above for a fairly epic short video of a run in the March 2013 Double Down Hoe Down race by Mike Brawley, who had a great run in his second-ever race until the last major boulder dropoff before the hairpin curves where the crowd gathers near the end of the course.  

Coming down through the last steep dropoff, he went over the handlebars and knocked himself unconscious.

The crowd cheered after medics check him out and helped him up.

But honestly, he's lucky he's not in a wheelchair.

See medics helping Brawley after the crash.