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Clark: Good Call On Spokane Parking

Anyone who has ever raised a piddling puppy knows how important it is to praise the brainless little yapper on those rare occasions when it does the right thing. So I’d like to say the following to the Spokane City Council: “You’re a goood Council. Yes you are. Yessss you are. You’re a very gooood Council. Dougie loves you. Yes he does. He really does. Goood JOB!!!” (I know. That’s embarrassing. But it’s always essential to speak down to the critter’s level of understanding.) Anyway, the council deserves positive reinforcement for not going along with an idiot proposal to up the fines on parking violations from $15 to 25 smackeroos/Doug Clark, SR. More here.

Question: Have you gotten a parking ticket in the last year?