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Olynyk Faces NBA Draft Today

Now that the Miami LeBrons have successfully bought another NBA championship, it's finally time for this year's crop of exceptional college basketball players to find out where they'll be making money next season. Spokane hoops fans will have their eyes on the draft board this evening as Gonzaga's own Kelly Olynyk, who announced this spring that he'd forego a redshirt senior season to play pro ball, waits to hear where he'll start his NBA career. NBADraft.net currently has him as the #17 pick and headed to Atlanta in their latest mock draft. The draft begins tonight at 4:30 pm on ESPN/Mike Bookey, Inlander. More here. (AP file photo of Kelly Olynyk)

Question: Any predictions re: where former Zags Olynyk & Elias Harris will go in the NBA draft?

Spence: Fantasy Legislature Picks?

First of all, Tom Trail scoring a hearing on his medical marijuana bill has to count for more than some ho-hum thing like House Republicans approving another tax giveaway. So if we're going to set up this fantasy Legislature league, the league commissioner needs the discretion to award bonus points for exceptional events. Otherwise it's too unfair. Secondly, this being Idaho, "fantasy" doesn't quite capture the nature of the game. So we call it something different - something like the Surreal League of Elderly, Ordinary Gentlemen. Other than that, the fantasy Legislature rules developed by Minnesota Public Radio in 2007 can serve as the template. They may need a little tweaking, though. For example, teams in the Minnesota league were comprised of six lawmakers, including at least two players from each party/William L. Spence, Lewiston Tribune. More here.

Question: Who would be on your Idaho Legislature Fantasy League team?