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Duane: Liberty Caucus Excludes R’s

GOP Precinct Committeeman Duane Rasmussen sent the following email to Huckleberries re: the Liberty Caucus that is planning an Expo in Coeur d'Alene:

As a member of the Kootenai County Republican Central Committee I was not invited to the program, which, according to some accounts, was purported to be appealing to members of the Republican Central Committee.  Although I am not surprised.  I have spoken to other members of Central Committee who were also not invited.  This is a Phil Hart organization. Also, to my knowledge the so called Republican Liberty Caucus made no announcement of their event at any Central Committee meeting. Another observation. I did not see any of the Republican Liberty Caucus people at Brad Little's breakfast yesterday even though his event filled the venue. There is clearly a split in the Party."


ULUC Photos Upset Local Republican

A former Kootenai County Republican Central Committee official is unhappy that attorney Duane Rasmussen takes photos of people in the crowd at public events. In a letter to the county commission criticizing the presentation by consultant Todd Messenger at the Unified Land Use Code workshop this week, Lorri Erickson concluded: "One more thing, could you tell me why Duane Rasmussen, an attorney, not a reporter consistently brings his long lens camera to these meetings? Is this an intimidation process? (Erickson's emphasis, not Huckleberries) Personally, I would like to know what he does with the pictures. If he is not an 'official' reporter than the intensity of him taking pictures of the audience is suspect. I recommend that they be eliminated in future meetings." Occasionally, Duane sends photos to Huckleberries for possible publication. And they're appreciated. I can't say what he does with the others. Maybe Lorri should ask him?

Question: Should the county commission be in the business of trying to prevent individuals from taking photos at public meetings?

Duane: Hucks Doesn’t Mirror NIdaho

Duane Rasmussen: This blog does not represent the general thought in North Idaho. The blog is predominantly influenced by Liberals. Before they are shouted down, a few conservatives are allowed to speak, primarily for the purpose of giving the Liberals something off of which to bounce their diatribes. Sort of like keeping a few mice alive so they can be fed to the snakes. Another analogy might be the feeding of Christians to lions. Many people in North Idaho are appalled by what goes on in this blog. It is difficult to get Conservatives to even look at this blog once they have seen it the first time. It has become a safe place for the counter culture to present its views.

Question: Does HucksOnline reflect North Idaho?

Duane: Conservatives Were Upbeat

Duane Rasmussen: Yes I was there. It was a very up beat type of program. I saw people from Rally Right, Reagan Republicans, Panhandle Pachyderms, North Idaho Pachyderms, Women Republicans, the Tea Party organizations and most if not all the Republican Central Committees in the five northern counties of Idaho. John Cross who is the Republican Region One Chairman, played a prominent roll as did Representative Phil Hart, Representative Vito Barbieri, Representative Dick Harwood and Kootenai Sheriff candidate, John Green (pictured). Mr. Green recited an event when as a young Deputy Sheriff and he was sent to back up two IRS agents who where conducting a seizure of assets. He stated that he should have arrested the agents then and there but did not have the knowledge and courage to do so at the time. He promised that things will be different when he becomes Sheriff. There was significant talk about RINOs and a degree of gloating about the progress Conservatives had made against the Rino’s in the Kootenai County Republican Central Committee. (Photo from John Green for Sheriff Facebook wall)

Question: A favorite of the Hard Right in Kootenai County is sheriff's candidate John Green (pictured). Ever heard of him?

Duane: Nilson’s Good For Community

Duane Rasmussen: I have known for a long time that Ron Nilson has core values that a real Christians can respect. I am afraid that too many on this blog have been so absorbed in partisan bickering that they find it difficult to believe that some people try to do the right thing just because it is the right thing to do. Although there was an article written about Ron Nilson’s contribution to those less fortunate I did not see him promoting himself. Our Community needs more people like Ron Nilson.

DFO: I agree with Duane to a point here. Love him or hate him, Ron Nilson has done something that's thisclose to great, in offering his warehouse for a warming center for the homeless. He didn't have to do that. Also, Nilson deserves a H/T for his role in helping pass the Kootenai Technical Education Campus during hard times. I wouldn't want to see him in elected office, given his intense personality. But he is good for the community. His detractors here should admit that.

Duane: Raw Milk Draws Small Crowd

Duane Rasmussen: I attended the first half hour of the meeting. I counted six people on the stage and thirty in the audience. Nine of the people in the audience were children. Bruce Maddox, Paul Mathews, Mike Oliver, Roger Benoit, Tom Robinson, and Bjorn Handen were all on the stage sitting at a table. It appeared that most of the people present were in favor of raw milk. Ron Paul was mentioned as the sponsor of the Raw Milk Freedom legislation which is federal legislation. Bjorn stated that the Town Hall Meeting was sponsored by the Kootenai County Republican Central Committee. No raw milk was served.

Question: Are you surprised by the small turnout for the raw milk seminar?

Semanko: They Gotta Support Hart

Norm Semanko, chairman of the Idaho Republican Party, wrote a letter to Tina Jacobson, chairwoman of the Kootenai County Republican Party re: the unwillingness of precinct leaders Duane Rasmussen (No. 19) and Fred Meckel (No. 9) to pass out Phil Hart’s literature door to door (and the refusal of state committeeman Matt Roetter to support Hart in his race against write-in Howard Griffiths): “If an individual precinct leader finds him/herself unable or unwilling to perform the basic duty of supporting and promoting one or more of our Republican nominees, he/she may
want to consider letting someone else serve in the position. In no event can an individual precinct leader, or the Party itself, support a write-in candidate over the Republican nominee.” Full letter here.

Question: What should Duane, Fred, and Matt do?

Hart Tries To Fend Off Librul Attacks

In a top-of-the-fold “In His Own Words” in The Capitalist Papers today, embattled Rep. Phil Hart, R-Athol, discusses the “Attacks, Harassment and Lust for Power” of his political opponents — you know “liberal Republicans,” like Matt Roetter and Duane Rasmussen, who, Hart claims, are “working hand in hand with the liberal media.” Seems “liberal” Roetter and Rasmussen, two very conservative gents who were busy about local GOP business long before Hart switched from Constitutionalist to Republican in the last decade to win a seat in the state Legislature. On the plus side, Hart admits that the revelations about his income tax problems and five-fingered discount on timber taken from state endowment lands “have been very effective.” You can read the full article here.

Question: Does anyone out there truly believe that Duane Rasmussen and Matt Roetter or “liberals” in any sense of the word?

Christa: Duane A Rhino? C’mon

Christa Hazel: I am so disappointed the local GOP would divide itself over standing up for Phil Hart. Duane is doing the right thing. Quite frankly, there is very little the local GOP is doing to “attract” anyone to join them. In fact, they do just the opposite — they seem to be relishing the idea that they are thinning the herd for not being conservative enough. I never thought I would see the day when someone like Duane would referreed to as a RINO but it has happened. When the GOP’s candidate is a tax cheating, timber theiving Constitutionalist who refuses to even pay into the system he steals from — than good riddance. The local GOP looks like idiots for trying to force the issue. Good for Duane.

Question: Do you consider Duane Rasmussen to be a RINO (Republican In Name Only)?

Meckel Won’t Hand Out Hart Material

Fred Meckel, a Rathdrum city councilman and Precinct 9 committee man, told Huckleberries a few minute ago that he also will not deliver campaign literature for Rep. Phil Hart to his city of Rathdrum precinct. “There’s no reason to tow the party line just because there’s an R after someone’s name,” he said. “Where do you draw the line?” Meckel was referring to the recent disclosure that Hart, who survived a House Ethics Committee hearing on his income tax problems, stole timber from state endowment lands to build his Athol home. Meckel said he’s joining Duane Rasmussen of Precinct 19 in taking his stand for moral reasons. Meckel and Rasmussen were unsuccessful GOPrimary candidates for the House District 3 seat won by Vito Barbieri. Meckel told Huckleberries: “(Hart’s) a Constitutionalist through and through running on a Republican ballot.”

Rasmussen Won’t Deliver Hart Material

Duane Rasmussen has refused to deliver material for Rep. Phil Hart as he walks his Precinct 19 (Hayden area from Government Way to Hayden Lake, with northern boundary of Dakota Avenue) for other House District 3 candidates. Rasmussen told Huckleberries Online that he wasn’t given any literature last night at Republican Party HQ after he made his intentions known. He was told by a Republican leader that the GOP may have to do a literature dump (w/individuals simply dropping material at doorsteps rather than knocking on doors) to ensure that the Hart material is available. Rasmussen told Huckleberries that he considers it “immoral” to include Hart’s literature in with that of other Republican candidates in wake of the disclosure this week that Hart had stolen timber from state endowment lands to build his Athol home.

Letter: Rasmussen ‘Nefariously’ Snipes

Since the primary, Mr. Jorgenson has acted like a wounded bull. Mr. Rasmussen is much more subtle, but far more destructive with his nefarious sniping on blogs. Mr. Roetter lost his central committeeman’s seat, but retained his role on the exec. board as the State Committeeman by decreeing how conservative he was. His relationship with the “old guard” is well known/Scott Loheed, letter to Coeur d’Alene Press. More here.

Question: “Nefarious sniping on blogs”? I didn’t realize Duane Rasmussen was doing that. And I’m the blogmaster here. Have any of you seen Jorgenson, Rasmussen, or Roetter “nefariously sniping” in the blogosphere?

HucksOnline Poll Fires Up Far, Far Right

Is the Far, Far Right in Kootenai County trying to sabotage today’s HucksOnline poll? You be the judge. One of my Berry Pickers intercepted this mass-email SOS from “idahocolt”: “It looks like the Mike Jorgenson and his cohort D. Rasmussan another liberal RINO throwing temper tantrums about being unseated are at it again. Rasmussan is a very close personal friend of Dave Oliveria,  The liberal conservative hating Spokesman review blogger that spews hate and garbage at anything considered conservative and liberty preserving. Right now they are after Phil Hart one of our very staunch states rights/sovereignty legislators. Please go this page http://www.spokesman.com/blogs/hbo/ and vote NO for Phil Hart.  They are working the phones no doubt to get the liberal spokane and CDA crowd to vote yes and the rest of us need to speak up.”

Question: Do you think Duane Rasmussen (note spelling) and I are buds? That I’m “a liberal, conservative hating SR blogger?” That the SR is working the phones to slant the daily poll? What do you make of this SOS alert?

Duane: No One Can Pass Bob’s Test

Duane Rasmussen: In an attempt to answer your question “Would you pass a Rally Right Exam?” I can only make a comment: One thing that people do not know is that there is no way a person can pass the test unless (Rally Right organizer Bob Pederson) wants them to. Since Bob grades the test, the ultimate pass/fail depends on whether Bob likes you or not. Nothing is objective. If Bob likes you you pass. If Bob does not like you you fail. Your belief system ultimately has no bearing. Normally Bob will not make any inquiry into a person’s belief system. It is all about Bob. Always has been, always will be

Question: Anyone else have information re: the Rally Right organization?

Rasmussen Leads HD3 Race Spending

Duane Rasmussen has loaned his campaign $25,000 in his four-way race to fill the House District 3 seat being vacated by retiring state Rep. Jim Clark — twice as much money as the other three candidates have raised combined. Rasmussen ended the 7-day, pre-election filing period with $27,049 raised in cash and loans, and spent $24,231, for a balance of $2,818. Vito Barbieri, who is supported by well-known community conservatives, raised $5041 and spent $2467, for a balance of $2574. Jeri DeLange raised $4715 in cash and loans, and spent $3336, for a balance of $1414. Fred Meckel had $1532 in loans and cash and spent it all. Top contributors to the campaigns include (see dropdown box):

HBO Poll: Berry Pickers Prefer Vito

  • Monday Poll: By a slight margin, Vito Barbieri is the pick of HucksOnline to win the House District 5 seat now held by retiring Rep. Jim Clark. Barbieri captured 36 of 138 votes (26.1%) to edge Hayden Councilwoman Jeri DeLange (34 of 138, for 24.6%). The rest of the votes were cast for Duane Rasmussen (25 of 138, 18.6%) and Fred Meckel (9 of 138, 6.5%). None of the above received 34 of 138 votes, 24.6%.
  • Today’s Question (in lefthand rail): Are you a member of the Coeur d’Alene Chamber of Commerce or another civic organization?

4 Run To Fill Clark’s Legislative Seat

The hottest legislative race in North Idaho this spring is the four-way contest for the House seat in District 3 that’s opening up due to seven-term Rep. Jim Clark’s retirement. The matchup between the four candidates, all of whom are actively campaigning, is the final chapter in this story – no Democrat has filed for the seat, so the GOP primary winner on May 25 will be the district’s new representative in Boise. And with the typically very low turnout in Idaho primary elections, there’s no telling what could happen in the race between Vito Barbieri of Dalton Gardens, Jeri DeLange of Hayden, Fred Meckel of Rathdrum and Duane Rasmussen of Hayden. “It’s going to be kind of fun to watch – somebody could win with 30 percent of the vote, 30 percent of the 15 percent who show up to vote,” said Clark (pictured), who’s not endorsing any of the candidates but says he thinks there are “a lot of good-quality people in the field.”

Question: Who do you want to win state Rep. Jim Clark’s House District 5 seat — Vito Barbieri, Jeri DeLange, Fred Meckel, or Duane Rasmussen? Why? (Bonus Question: Do you think Jim Clark did a good job as an Idaho legislator?)