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City union loses Civil Service case

Ten workers who lost their jobs last year at the East Central Community will remain off the city payroll.

The Spokane Civil Service Commission on Tuesday unanimously rejected a complaint from the union that represented the laid off workers.

Local 270 of the Washington State Council of County and City Employees argued that its members lost employment as a result of the city improperly outsourcing services to a nonprofit.

The commission has the power to order employees wrongly discharged back on the payroll. But the five members determined that city administrators didn’t violate civil service rules.

Vandals hit garden again

The community graden at Northeast Community Center has been vandalized. Plants were pulled up and destroyed, and the water was left running in an effort to wash out the garden beds.
Jean Farmer, executive director of Northeast Community center, said this in an e-mail:
“(vandals) generally caused a lot of grief for those that have put their limited funds, energy and hearts into growing the gardens. They pay for their space and their seeds/plants and use the food to sustain themselves. They bother no one and in several years have held a harvest festival hoping to engage the community around them. I hope there are some neighbors out there who will help figure out how to stop such non-productive acts.”
Please call Crime Check at (509) 456-2233 if you know who's responsible for ruining part of this summer's harvest.


Obama organization meeting in East Central

Organizing for America, which is sort of the successor to the Barack Obama presidential campaign, will hold a town-hall style meeting Thursday evening at the East Central Community Center.

6 p.m., East Central Community Center, 500 S. Stone St. if you’re marking your calendar.

OFA likes to call it an Obama Listening Tour, although Obama won’t really be anywhere close to East Central. Instead, the chief listening will be done by Dustin Lambro, who is the organization’s state director.

Lambro will listen to folks’ concerns about such things as health care, the economy, energy or whatever, compile questions, comments and suggestions, and get it back to the the OFA, which is run by the Democratic National Committee. So when does Obama get a listen?

That’s not entirely clear, even to folks at OFA. Said r5egional press spokesman Frank Benenati: “We’re still trying to figure out all the kinks.” 

Which is interesting, because they’ve apparently held more than a few of these meetings, including several in the Seattle area.

Stilll, it seems like a chance for folks from the 2008 campaign to get back together and talk about the “old days.”

Maybe do a fist bump or two, even if it’s a day late? (See post immediately below.)