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Spokane Symphony offers ‘Orchestrating Greatness’ for groups and businesses

The Spokane Symphony is offering groups and businesses an “Orchestrating Greatness” program providing hands-on lessons of teamwork and leadership to their organizations.

The same idea has been explored at other cities. The program lets teams or executives lead the orchestra, work with sections of the symphony and interact with musicians during a rehearsal and a discussion.

The sessions are presented at the Fox Theater in downtown Spokane. Under some conditions the program can be offered in another location.

Music Director Eckart Preu created the program and leads each interactive session. Preu said the way an orchestra works provides a metaphor for businesses and any agency.

Businesses, like an orchestra, “require leadership, teamwork and coordination,” he said. Moreover, just as in business, the “greatness” program allows leaders to get real-time feedback on how ideas or directions are received or acted on, he added.

The Orchestrating Greatness sessions can be scheduled by contacting Annie Matlow, the symphony’s marketing director. The number is: 509-464-7071.

The fee is $2,000 for a session, which allows participation by up to 20 participants from a business or group. The program includes a discussion period following the musical session.