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Watch your step, folks…

Good evening, Netizens…

I do believe David Horsey is onto something. If anyone believes Warren Buffet’s statement for a minute, that our national economy is out of the quicksand, all you have to do is drive by the local GMC dealer and peer closely into the general manager’s eyes. Failing that, try the Chrysler dealer. Now the banks are already muttering in their incomprehensible way that they need more taxpayer’s dollars.

What do we do if we do not have more money to give?

Oh, that’s right. The federal government can print more money, which we are reassured, solves the problem right away. Only a few foolhardy Americans still believe that, after watching their life savings peter away into so much fairy dust. We’re spending our grandchildren’s inheritances, perhaps even our great-grandchildren. And before the sabre rattling gets started, we cannot blame all this chaos on President Obama, because the root of this mayhem started long before he took office.

Watch where you step. There are alligators anywhere you look in the financial markets.