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Andreason: 90% Against Ed Overhaul

Sen. John Andreason, R-Boise, asked state schools Supt. Tom Luna, “Is it your opinion that we now have a finished product?” Or, he said, with all the changes, is there a need to go back and work over the plan with all the stakeholders? Luna responded that he's asking the committee to pass the three bills today. “There are some things that have to happen immediately,” he said. Among them: Addressing the current funding crisis, and giving school districts “the ability to manage” personnel and labor decisions. Said Luna, “This is the product that has to move forward.” Andreason said, “Mr. Chairman, I've received over 1,400 emails - 90 percent were against this plan. I'm trying to save the plan”/Betsy Russell, Eye On Boise. More here.

  • Idaho Reporter Twitter: "Sen. Malepeai received 1500 e-mails on #LunaPlan “A resounding number of folks from all walks of life a problem or another"

Question: Marty Trillhaase of the Lewiston Tribune noted yesterday that the Legislature can't do anything, no matter how small, without appointing a task force to study it. How can that same group of timid individuals by pushing ahead a radical overhaul of the state's education system without careful study?

CdA Charter Chief Backs Luna Plan

In his testimony to Idaho legislators, Principal Dan Nicklay of the Coeur d'Alene Charter Academy said in part: "It is  unfortunate that the majority of the plan's critics focus not on whether this plan is good for students, but on their feelings that they weren't adequately consulted, and that it is going to be difficult for the adults, affecting their job security, their accustomed way of doing things, and their aversion to change.  I actually heard someone say to this committee the other day that this plan, to be done correctly, should have taken YEARS to develop.  We don't have years.  The money is gone. The same old answers haven't worked.  The time for change is now." More here. (SR file photo/Kathy Plonka, of Principal Dan Nicklay during recess in May 2008)

Question: Are you surprised that the principal of the Coeur d'Alene Charter Academy would support Superintendent Tom Luna's "Students Come First" proposals?

MM: Luna’s Plans Are Utter Crap

Moscow Minidoka: I find it funny that when nearly everyone I talk to in this state (including my very conservative relatives in southeastern Idaho, Boise, and the Magic Valley) thinks Luna’s plan is utter crap, someone it’s only “union thugs” who would stoop to this. Yeah, I’m sure some 50-something math teacher went over there and trashed Luna’s truck. Let’s see: Idaho citizens OVERWHELMINGLY OPPOSE this plan, yet Luna and the Legislature seem determined to do whatever the hell they want, just like ITD did with the megaloads, and just like the Legislature is doing with a bunch of other bills that are supported by ideologues in the statehouse, but not by the average Idahoan.

Question: Do you think Superintendent Tom Luna is qualified to be suggesting such radical changes to public education?

If students aren’t learning, who’s to blame?

Whom do you hold responsible for the problems Washington schools have graduating kids who can read, write, calculate and be intellectually flexible enough to have a dozen careers before they retire?

Put another way, whom do you blame for the fact that nearly one kid in three doesn’t graduate from high school, and among those who do, some go to college thinking a hypotenuse is one of animals in tutus in “Fantasia” or a dependent clause is a dead-beat relative?

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