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Kagan Confirmed as Supreme Court Justice…

Good afternoon, Netizens…

It comes as little to no surprise, but Elena Kagan has been confirmed as a member of the Supreme Court, the third woman to serve on the current Supreme Court bench.

I don’t claim to have any knowledge of Mz. Kagan, nor do I expect in my remaining years of life to ever sit down and have a conversation with her over tea, not that I would turn down an offer were it made. Somehow, despite having been grilled by the news media and members of the committee who vigorously screened and grilled her about her qualifications for her job, there appear to be a few unanswered questions that, over time, will probably be answered.

The question that keeps poking at my consciousness, that has bothered me since Mz. Kagan was first put forth as the potential next member of the Supreme Court is, would they have asked the same questions if she were a man, hinted slyly with little jabs here and there about her philosophy and her personal past? Would they speculate on the Internet about a man in the same way?

Partisan politics aside, I cannot help but wonder if Kagan were unfairly treated as a woman.

I do, of course, remember all the dirt that was dug up during previous times when new members of the Supreme Court were selected, so perhaps in this case nothing has changed. Perhaps time will tell.


Rossi: Would vote no on Kagan

Dino Rossi has taken a stand, apparently in part after prodding by the Everett Herald, on Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan.

The short answer is he’d oppose her nomination. The long answer, which can be found inside the blog, notes he might back her for a lower court but doesn’t think she should get a spot on the Supremes without prior judicial experience.

Jerry Cornfield, political reporter for The Everett Herald, had ask Rossi’s staff last week whether he’d support or oppose Kagan. At the time, incumbent Patty Murray was on record as supporting Kagan, and another Republican challenger, Clint Didier, was strongly against.

Rossi’s staff said they’d send word, but didn’t. At lunchtime, Cornfield noted Rossi was still mum on Kagan:It could be they’re busy. More likely, they’re weighing the strategic value of letting anyone know until it’s too late for anyone to care…If Rossi opposed the nomination he’d have made a big deal of it by now. Many conservatives around the country oppose Kagan’s nomination and it could only have helped him in that crowd. Republican Clint Didier opposes her nomination and he gets loud cheers at events when he makes it known. “

Then the Democratic campaign operatives picked up the chant, recirculating the blog post to poke Rossi.

Murray to vote for Kagan

Sen. Patty Murray gave her official endorsement today to Solictor General Elana Kagan for a seat on the U.S. Supreme Court.

It may be the least surprising news of the morning that the state’s senior Democratic senator will back the pick of a Democratic president to fill what’s considered a liberal seat on the nation’s highest court. But there you have it.

Full statement of Murray on Kagan can be found inside the blog.

Closed minds…

Good morning, Netizens…

I have been accused of spending far too little time on Spokane issues, spending time instead on whatever regional or national news stories that happen to catch my eyes. Part of this is because I simply do not have the disposable time I normally would have to dedicate to writing this blog. It is summer, my busiest time of the year at my “good day job”, but the economy reminds me of a asthmatic aging horse attempting to climb a long, steep hill towing a fully-loaded wagon. While the poor old nag’s heart might be in it, and despite all his perseverance, he simply cannot make it all the way up the hill. All I can do is make the best of what time and energy allows me.

With the Fourth of July looming on the horizon, and all the frantic activity that implies, there are simply far too many distractions.

However, in seeing the incredible story of Elena Kagan being grilled prior to being installed as the next member of the Supreme Court I thought today’s cartoon by David Horsey seemed quite apt. Lacking anything they could really find objectionable, party Republicans have struggled to find some means of keeping Ms. Kagan from becoming a Supreme Court member, and it does seem certain that she will be eventually confirmed as the next member of the highest court in the land.

However, pitting Senator Jeff Sessions with Elena Kagan could have gone a lot deeper, in my opinion. Sessions has a history of racist statements, for one, and Kagan’s largely-unknown personal life both cry out to me to be heard. However, it does appear that David Horsey has captured some of their thoughts, for good or ill.

However, as always, your thoughts may differ.


HBO Poll: GOP Purity Test Is Turn Off

  • HBO Poll: A whopping 75% of you Merry Hucksters (106 of 142) said you’d be less likely to vote for a candidate who took a loyalty oath, pledging to support the platform of the Idaho Republican Party. Only 20 of 142 (14%) said you’d be more likely to support a candidate who took such an oath. 16 of 142 (11%) were undecided.
  • Elena Kagan Poll: 59 of 109 (54%) said you don’t want to see the U.S. Senate confirm Elena Kagan as the next Supreme Court justice. 42 of 109 (39%) said you do want to see her confirmed. 8 of 109 (7%) were undecided.
  • Militia Poll: 93 of 162 (57%) said they didn’t want to see the state of Idaho form an all-volunteer militia (an idea supported by a committee at the GOP convention last weekend in Idaho Falls but not endorsed by the full group). 66 of 162 (41%) said they would like to see Idaho form a militia. (I forgot to give the results for this poll Friday).
  • Today’s Question: Do you wear a helmet while riding a bicycle?

Kagan Confirmation Hearings Begin

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., swears in  Supreme  Court nominee Elena  Kagan on Capitol Hill in Washington today during her confirmation hearings before the committee. (AP Photo/WinMcNamee, Pool)

Kagan Gay Because She Played Softball?

A photo on the front page of Tuesday’s The Wall Street Journal featured a 17-year-old photo of Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan playing softball. Gay activists say it is a blatant attempt to paint Kagan as a lesbian. The Journal says that is nonsense. Fox News held a debate on the issue. Incidentally, The Wall Street Journal and Fox News are both owned by Rupert Murdoch/Idaho Conservative Blogger. More here, including video discussion. (Wall Street Journal photo)

Question: Seriously? A woman might be a lesbian because she played softball? Do you see anything more in this photo than an athletic woman?

Elena Kagan for Supreme Court Justice?

Good morning, Netizens…

Thank God we have gotten David Horsey back from his vacation in time to shine his creative cartoon flashlight on the the nomination of Elena Kagan for Supreme Court Justice. Some members of the Republican Party, according to Horsey’s cartoon this morning, may have called Kagan a witch. However, that may be the least of the problem.

Other groups, some of whom are on the fringe of political thought, even have laid the allegation that Kagan is a lesbian. However, no one has truly stepped forward to take credit for such a preposterous statement.

So long as one bases their opinions upon the facts of Kagan’s past history. President to two distinguished law schools, Solicitor General, to name just a few of the notable positions Kagan has held, we might be safe. As some of the detractors have stated, however, Kagan has never been a judge. However, don’t let that tie your panties in knots, cherubs. If you look back in the history of the Supreme Court, particularly at Judge Renquist, you will see others have already set that precedent.

Is it possible that those potentially in charge of deciding Kagan’s future at the Supreme Court are playing politics with Kagan, striking out at President Obama’s political beliefs? Say it isn’t so!

A lot of political commentators are suggesting that Kagan will probably be ratified as the next member of the Supreme Court, but will the public be aware of all the facts? That remains to be seen.


Cartoon credit: David Horsey,davidhorsey.com,seattlepi.com

The Political Sandbox — 5.10.10

President Barack Obama gives Solicitor General and Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan a kiss as Vice President Joe Biden stands at left, during an announcement in the East Room of the White House in Washington on Monday. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

  • The daily Political wild card is now in play …

Obama Picks Non-Judge For High Court

It’s Kagan! Why is President Obama choosing his solicitor general, Elena Kagan, as his second nominee to the U.S Supreme Court? By all accounts, Obama wants someone who can serve as a counterweight to the intellectual heft of Chief Justice John Roberts. Regardless of how strong a liberal Kagan would prove to be, as a former dean of Harvard Law School, Kagan practically defines legal gravitas. She’s also a female, which adds to the court’s gender diversity. She’s young, at 50, which means she could be on the court for a quarter century. And she’s never been a judge, which gives her a quality that Obama is known to have been seeking: someone to bring a different sensibility to a court that’s currently dominated by judges/Michael D. Shear, Washington Post. More here. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh: Barack Obama and Elena Kagan)

Question: Are you comfortable with President Obama’s choice of a person for the U.S. Supreme Court who has never been a judge?