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‘Grizzly Adams’ creator dies

Charles E. Sellier Jr., 67, the producer and creator of “The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams” and dozens of other TV shows and films, died Monday at his home in North Idaho.

“Chuck” Sellier had a lengthy  TV-film resume including such popular films as “In Search of Noah's Ark,” “Chariots of the Gods,” “In Search of the Historic Jesus” and “The Bermuda Triangle.” All of those are listed among the top 50-grossing independent films. Recently, he and his  locally based production company, Grizzly Adams Productions, had produced dozens of religious-oriented films and TV shows, including “Ancient Secrets of the Bible” for CBS and “Miraculous Messages” and “The Case for Christ's Resurrection.”

He was nominated for an Emmy for his work on the children's show, “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” in 1980. He was also the author of a number of books based on his films and TV specials.

The family requests that Sellier be remembered through donations to his passion, the ABC Foodbank, which serves Athol, Bayview and Careywood, Idaho.

“A River Sorrow” trailer

The people at Spokane’s film production company, North by Northwest, are particularly high on their new thriller “The River Sorrow.” It was filmed this fall in Spokane with Ray Liotta, Christian Slater, Ving Rhames and Gisele Fraga.

NXNW’s own Rich Cowan was the director.  It has already been picked up by Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions — which already catapults it beyond the average Spokane-filmd movie — and Cowan plans on taking it to the Cannes Film Festival this spring.

Now, the trailer for “The River Sorrow” is out and, yes, it certainly does make the movie look stylish, moody, chilling and decidely R-rated. It’s about a string of sexual murders with one common thread – all of the victims are former girlfriends of the detective played by Liotta.

You'll also catch glimpses of several Spokane locations, including Riverfront Park and the Agave Latin Bistro downtown.

See the trailer for yourself here and let us know what you think of “The River Sorrow.”

A David Mamet coup in Spokane

Spokane’s Interplayers Professional Theatre has scored a significant coup: It will stage one of the first productions anywhere of David Mamet’s “Race” since it closed on Broadway in August.

This controversial play, about a white businessman accused of raping a black woman, will run March 31 through April 16, replacing the musical “Cotton Patch Gospel” on the Interplayers calendar. “Cotton Patch Gospel” will return on next season’s list.

The only other production opened Jan. 21 at the Philadelphia Theatre Company. The last time a Spokane theater landed such a new Broadway play would be – well, never, as far as I can recall.

How did Interplayers pull this off? Read on …

‘Opus’ review

As you may have noticed from the review in Sunday's print edition (Jan. 23) , I loved “Opus” at Interplayers. I thought it was a fascinating and well-acted look at the art of creating music.

Actually, I liked it even more than the print review indicated. A large section of the review was lopped off for space, including a discussion of the acting ensemble. They all deserve attention, so I am posting the full uncut review below, with apologies to the actors who were nowhere to be seen in the print review. Click on “continue reading” below to see the full review.

Herb: More Murder & Mayhem On TV

Herb Huseland: Watching football and other activities this week-end, I suffered through the promo trailers for the fall network programing. It appears that most if not all featured very violent content. My question is: Is this a reflection of our violent society? Or is it a cause? This question probably occured to me with the announcement of the death of the “Leave it to Beaver” star. Entertainment seems to be much more into destruction and mayhem than when I was young.

Question: Is entertainment more into destruction and mayhem today than during your formative years?

Double the Slam…

Well - it looks like our homeland of Spokane has just got too much entertainment for a single weekly blogpost….say hello to: (drumroll please…) Double the Slam. I’ll post up some interesting shows/concerts/events/whatever looks pleasing to our advanced generation. Ha - enjoy!

Ain’t Misbehavin’: Thu - Sun. March 19-22
Sure to be the “electrifying” show of the month, Ain’t Misbehavin’ features 2003 Idol Winner Ruben Studdard and Frenchie Davis in this presentation of the Fats Waller Broadway Musical. Startin’ up at the INB Performing Arts Center. (Tickets on sale now)

Candlebox, Jet Black Stare, and Royal Bliss: Sat. March 21
Candlebox, this Seattle-based headliner is taking over the Knitting Factory with side-kick shows Jet Black Stare and Royal Bliss at 7 pm. (check out their tunes on MySpace…)

Ok…to mix it up a little bit, here’s two local art displays that sound pretty cool.

The Empyrean Coffeehouse features Josh Jalcoich and CJ Bruininks: Through Tue. March 31
Like Katie said in the previous ‘Slam’, the Empyrean is a great way to enjoy some good coffee, enjoy some good music, support the locals, and….wait…did I mention the coffee? - Cause that’s really a great selling point.  The Empyrean is now featuring artist Josh Jalcoich and CJ Bruininks. (this place has a super-cool website, check it out at empyreancoffee.com.)

The Bank Left Gallery features The Youth of Palouse: Through Tue. March 31
This is basically my area of the state’s version of the Empyrean, except with a more ‘tea-room and bistro’ feel.  In addition to featuring the ‘Regular Artists’, the Gallery now is now showing off the work of the young artists, grades 3rd through 12th, of the area with it’s first-ever kid’s show. (Their website can be found at bankleftgallery.com)


Missing out on fun? Start a club

Do you ever feel that you’ve budgeted all the fun out of your life? That you never see friends anymore?

If your answers are yes, you might like this idea: start a frugal club with friends. This suggestion comes via the blog Wise Bread, from writer Tisha Toler:

What is a frugal club? Well, there is no official answer to that question because my necessity as a mother just invented it. … A frugal club can be anything you want it to be, so long as you find ways to incorporate frugality and find ways to be entertained and save money. Gather some friends you know who are working towards a more frugal life and set a specific day and time that is convenient for everyone, making a commitment to attend more likely to happen.