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SR Letter: Hats Off

John Tuft of Spokane writes: When I go to a restaurant for dinner or any other meal, looking around I find that there are more and more men wearing hats. I guess that most of them wish they were women, so they wear their hats.

A gentleman usually will remove his hat before his meal is served, and will keep it off until he leaves the facilities. I was taught this as a young boy and never forgot that a gentleman removes his hat before he sits down to have a meal at a restaurant, or even at home.

I guess that most of them have never been taught to remove their hat before a meal is served in a public place. Please be a gentleman and remove your hat before ordering a meal at a restaurant.

My husband wears a ball cap frequently, but I can't remember a time when he didn't remove it at  a restaurant. Do you think most men understand hat etiquette?

Just wondering

I realize many don't give a rip about the liturgical calendar, which is their absolute right.

But I wonder.

Is it appropriate to say “Happy Friday” on Good Friday?

Reasons most no longer worry about…

…phoning someone at dinnertime.

1. “Dinnertime” has become a fluid concept.

2. Assumption that recipient will be pleased to get the call since you aren't a telemarketer spouting some line of bull about improving credit card interest rates.

3. Many people no longer think of electronic communications interruptions as interruptions. They think of them as part of being awake.

4. Even if your call arrives while the person is eating, it is unlikely that he or she is ensconced in some Norman Rockwell scene. Chances are, he or she is on the computer or watching TV.

5. We have become accustomed to thinking that every thought needs to be expressed immediately.

When are you due? Oops!

Lily Neal  stands beside the figure she posed for when she was nine months pregnant. Associated Press photos

DEAR MISS MANNERS: A client came in for tax season. We only see each other once a year. Anyway, in she came for her appointment; I came from around the corner in the office, saw her sitting/waiting, and greeted her with, “Oh! When are you due?” She looks about five to six months pregnant, but ISN’T!!!

We proceeded to discuss drinking enough water, medications, doctor visits, blood tests, etc. But the fact of the matter is she isn’t pregnant. How do I apologize for assuming? Should I apologize?

Has you ever made a blunder like this? What did you do to make amends?