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Recalling Captain Kirk at Expo 74

"Unless I missed it, nobody has noted William Shatner's appearance at the World's Fair 40 years ago," wrote John McTear. "As I recall, he was a warm-up act for the John Denver concert. Shatner stood in front of a huge, rear-projected screen showing whales and featuring 'whale songs' while he read some inane essay about whales."

This week at Expo 74

The two on the right performed here during the fair. The guy on the left had been in a popular band a few years before.


On this date at Expo 74


Were you a Chicago fan?

This week at Expo 74


Back when it was built, the Park Tower Apartments was on Trent, not Spokane Falls

It is a notable event, the sale of the iconic (not always aesthetically pleasing) Park Tower Apartments, across the street from the DoubleTree Hotel and the Convention Center.

Today's story explained the reasons for the sale to California Commercial Investments  by the previous owner, The Smith-Barbieri Progressive Fund.

This archive photo shot in April 1974 shows the building during construction.

At that time, there was no Riverside Spokane Falls Blvd. in that section of town (which went through major upgrades due to Expo 74). The address at that time was on Trent Avenue.

Notably, Don Barbieri at the time was taking on several development projects. Right around the time of the fair he also put together a syndicate of investors, some from Bellevue, who worked on building the Sheraton Hotel, one of downtown's first modern hotels. That hotel later became the DoubleTree.

Photo credit:  Spokesman-Review photo archive



Salute Expo by adopting 1974 hair styles

Back in 2004, I suggested that we all do that.

Yes, I noted at that time that many of us already sported '70s hair styles.

Several guys who had gone bald since 1974 wrote and said "I wish I could."


OK, the photo above is actually more like 1977 hair. But you get the idea.

This week at Expo 74: Van Cliburn


OK, I know perfectly well that the photo is of Jerry Lee Lewis, not Van Cliburn.

But admit it. Weren't you kind of excited for just a second when you thought you had caught me in a goof-up of that magnitude?

If memory serves, Van Cliburn never jumped up while playing and mule-kicked the piano bench.

On this date at Expo 74


Porter and Dolly.

On this date at Expo 74

John Denver in concert.


I know I have mentioned this anniversary before. But not everyone remembers him. And I feel like I need to point out that he was so frickin' big at that exact time that it almost cannot be exaggerated.

On this date at Expo 74

The psychedelic rock stylings of the King Family singers.


Breaking Ground at Huntington Park

Flanked by earthmovers and pickups, with the Riverfront Park gondolas gliding overhead, Scott Morris talked fondly Tuesday of the year 1889, city parks, Spokane and the company he runs, Avista.

“We, in a sense, grew up together,” Morris said to a gathering of about 50 people from the city and Avista. The energy company was founded almost 125 years ago, and Manito and Riverfront parks were created, in part, by cooperation between his company and the city.

And now there’s another partnership between the city and energy company, and it will end with more outdoor public space.

As Morris and Spokane Mayor David Condon climbed into two bulldozers and moved some dirt around, a new Huntington Park moved that much closer to realization. The four-acre park runs along the lower Spokane Falls on the south side of the river. Huntington and Riverfront parks will be connected by a plaza running between City Hall and the old Washington Water Power building.

On this date at Expo 74


Yes, I said I was going to cease and desist all Expo references. But it seems I cannot help myself.

I do not want this to sound unkind

But who would have worn one of these?


Hadn’t known there was an Idaho Pavilion


Any memories of it? This postcard makes it look pretty modest.