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Memorial Day Flags

Ryan Wahl attaches an American flag to a pole on Tuesday at Fairmount Memorial Park, as crews place 2,240 flags throughout the cemetery. Every flag has a number and is put in the exact same spot year after year.

Each of the 2,240 flags raised in Fairmount Memorial Park is meticulously plotted in the same location each year so families can pay tribute to the veterans they’ve lost.

The flags were displayed with the caskets at the veterans’ funerals. Since 1970, families have donated them for display in one of four cemeteries in Spokane. Between Greenwood Memorial Terrace, Riverside Memorial Park, Spokane Memorial Gardens and Fairmount, about 3,500 flags will fly this year for Memorial Day on Monday. Each flag bears the name of the veteran and a number to track it. Asia Hege, SR. Full Story.

My dad’s flag flies here. We’ll visit his grave and see his flag on Sunday. Who will you be thinking of on Memorial Day weekend?