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Faith and Values: Why I don’t have the post-election blues

I don’t have the post-election blues. It isn’t because all my candidates of choice won. Because they didn’t. And it’s not because the measures I voted for passed. Because not …

Faith and Values: Beneath the surface of political striving, God moves toward His greater purpose

The Bible relentlessly reminds us that, while mankind makes his choices, and wages his battles, and shouts his opinions, a sovereign God rules over it all. And incredibly, mysteriously, but …

Faith and Values: Stepping stones in a life of religious reporting

I’m often asked why I became a religion reporter.

Faith and Values: When better angels provoke us

Self-examination requires we look deep and wide for our “better angels.” Resolve requires we listen courageously to those better angels.

Faith and Values: Turn a blind eye and bias takes over

Earlier this month I spoke on a panel addressing racism and prejudices in our community. I had prepared a short talk on how I went from a child who didn’t …

Faith and Values: Silence has many faces

We don’t always know why another person is silent. Even when we do, our own silence is often the best gift we can offer another person.

Faith and Values: Never, never, never

There are some things better left unsaid in marriage, or at least said differently than those first words out of our mouths. If you don’t believe me, search, ‘things never …

UPDATED: Sun., Sept. 9, 2018, 6:52 p.m.

Faith and Values: Have we forgotten how to disagree?

Do you need new rules of engagement?

Faith and Values: When the answer to a prayer is ‘wait’

I’m many things, but patient isn’t one of them.

Faith and Values: Man up, Spokane

Four times a month, community columnists weigh in on matters of faith and values. The Faith and Values column appears Saturday and features retired Methodist minister Paul Graves, of Sandpoint; …

Faith and Values: Caring for our sacred places

E-mails have started to trickle back into my inbox from students and colleagues, signaling the end of summer and the beginning of another semester at Gonzaga University. In just a …

Faith and Values: A politics worthy of the human spirit

I’m sick and fatigued nearly to the point of despair – only nearly! – by the divides we must navigate over matters political and religious, especially when they combine into …

Faith and Values: Naming the hurt is a step toward forgiveness

I sat down with an elder recently, a wise man who has seen a lot of life and who has learned deeply from his experience. The man was one of …

Faith and Values: Against a tide of persecution, church remains a beacon

They are poor, repressed and increasingly the target of political and social antagonism. Yet Christians there remain hopeful, kind and joyful. Barely a hint of pessimism, anger or self-pity soils …

Faith and Values: What the Bible really says about immigration

Lately, I’ve found myself becoming protective of the people and culture I’ve left behind.

Faith and Values: Striking out in unexplored territory

For many people, June is Graduation Month. Our spiritual journeys can reflect a similar range of possibilities.

Faith and Values: Mastering of our own words

Vulgarity is no substitute for wit. The Dowager Countess on “Downton Abbey” had it right.

UPDATED: Sat., May 26, 2018, 2:43 p.m.

Faith and Values: Begging for some truth pieces

Are you ever puzzled? I find myself puzzled most every day. It’s usually because I don’t seem to find the right truth-piece(s) to fit into the larger Truth Puzzle I …

Faith and Values: To manage negativity, look to the courage around you

Lately it seems examples of courage are swirling all around us. Tarana Burke, who spoke not so long ago at Gonzaga, has become a celebrated activist for starting the “Me …

Faith and Values: Who draws the lines you color in?

Lately it seems examples of courage are swirling all around us.

UPDATED: Sat., April 14, 2018, 8:32 p.m.

Faith and Values: Stephen Hawking and the stuff dreams are made of

There is no shortage of in memoria for the passing of the physicist Stephen Hawking, who died March 14 in his home in Cambridge, England, at age 76.

Faith and Values: Seriously, Easter shows off God’s sense of humor

My view of Easter has been expanded by the radical hospitality of God’s outrageous sense of humor.

Faith and Values: The family ties that bind us

The families we are born into aren’t perfect and like any relationship, they take work.

Faith and Values: How can I live a good life with mental illness?

Buddha’s teachings include a vast array of methods for working with our minds. However, if your mental illness – like any illness – is not treated by appropriate mental health …

UPDATED: Sat., Feb. 24, 2018, 9:46 p.m.

Faith and Values:

The collective heart of our nation seems split in two. Part of our heart seems callous, hardened, wild with fear, bizarrely ready to lash out at perpetrators and victims alike. …

Faith and Values: Turning to God for a clear conscience

Faith in values is a regular Saturday column dealing with spiritual and moral issues of concern to our community.

Faith and Values: Can we disagree without being disagreeable?

I’m beginning to think either I’m getting old or I’ve been living under a rock, but apparently I missed the obituary for the age-old adage, “We need to disagree without …

Faith and Values: Wishing happiness for others can bring joy to your life

I’m at the stage in life where many of my friends have become new parents. Their Facebook feed is dominated by photos of the little one – playing in the …

Faith and Values: A tower to nowhere

The Tower of Babel story (Genesis 11:1-9) has been interpreted in a number of ways over the centuries. I became aware of a new (to me) interpretation in the Nov. …

Faith and Values: It’s not

Please, let’s hold our applause. For Oprah, I mean.