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Friends Dispute Buquet’s Portrayal

Friends of Christian Buquet, the Hayden 19YO shot by police after he shot another man Saturday, say he's being portrayed wrongly by media:

"He is not a bad person. He has people out there who loved him, friends and family just like anyone else," Chris Martinez said. Martinez, who was friends with Buquet for five years, remembers him as a young boy who was nice and loved to draw. Martinez saw Buquet two days before the shooting. "We didn't see it coming. No one did," he said. Investigators say Buquet, 19, shot 29-year old Frank James in the chest at 11th and Lakeside Saturday. He then randomly started firing his weapon, something his friends have a hard time believing. "Starting shooting randomly … that's not what happened," Martinez claimed. More here.


Parting Shot — 1.10.12

National Park superintendent Randy King walks past a photo of Ranger Margaret Anderson and traditional ranger equipment before speaking at Anderson's memorial service Tuesday in Tacoma. Anderson, a 34-year-old mother of two young girls, was shot and killed New Year's Day, after setting up a roadblock to stop a vehicle that blew through a checkpoint on the road to the park's visitor center. Story here. (Photo/Elaine Thompson, Pool)

KXLY: Hirzel Faces Sex Toys Probe, Too

Spokane County Sheriff’s Deputy Brian Hirzel is under investigation, not because of the deadly shooting at the Plant Farm last month, but because of a sideline business where he and his wife may have been selling sex toys online from their home.It appears that Deputy Hirzel may have been involved in an online business that sells adult novelty items. While peddling sex toys is legal it may be a violation of Spokane County Sheriff’s Office departmental policy and something the department had no idea the Hirzels were doing/Jeff Humphrey, KXLY. More here.

Question: Are you kidding me?

Clark: Baton Story The Stuff Of Myths

Santa Claus. The Tooth Fairy. The Easter Bunny …The Keebler Elves. Open wide, compadres. We have a brand new myth to swallow. It’s called…“The Phantom Baton Blow.” Believing in magic is about the best way to make sense out of what Deputy Brian Hirzel says happened the night Wayne Scott Creach was fatally shot Aug. 25 in Spokane Valley. Hirzel says he struck Creach with his police baton. We’re told the blow was delivered in a knee area and hard enough so that the minister actually buckled. Yet we are also told that the autopsy showed no corresponding bruise on Creach. Hmm/Doug Clark, SR. More here.

Question: Do you believe Deputy Brian Hirzel’s story that he hit Pastor Wayne Scott Creach with his baton before shooting the minister to death?

Deputy’s Vacation Frustrates Sheriff

Item: Sheriff frustrated by vacation flap: Investigative panel allowed deputy to leave without consulting Knezovich/Thomas Clouse, SR

More Info: Hirzel “was already on vacation when I found out he was on vacation,” Knezovich said. “How do I un-ring that bell? I could have said bring him back in. But I would have just countermanded everything that the (investigative) team had done. That was not my role in the investigation. My role was to stay out of it and not influence it.”

Question: Is Ozzie protesting too much?

SR: Delaying Info On Tragedy Ill-Advised

Law enforcement leaders tell us that officers don’t get special treatment. Some tell us that they ought to be held to a higher standard. But the rules are clearly different when one of them is involved in a fatal incident. It is department policy to forgo an interview with an officer for the first 48 hours. Policy also dictates that an officer not be named for the first 72 hours. That’s why the details are sketchy. But Spokane police Maj. Scott Stephens said no further information will be released until next Thursday, which is more than a week after the incident. This only raises more questions. When will the shooter be interviewed? Will he or she be named once the 72 hours has passed? If not, what’s special about this case? What about witnesses? Are there any witnesses?/Spokesman-Review Editorial Board. More here.

Question: Is the officer involved in the shooting of a Spokane Valley pastor/nursery owner getting special treatment by investigating agency?