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A look you don’t see in this century


Except maybe on Halloween.

Fedora To Host Thanksgiving Dinner

Last year in co-operation with community organizations, The Fedora Pub and Grille fed over 1000 people from our area for free. This year the planning committee is working hard preparing for an estimated 1500 of our friends and neighbors who have been hit hardest by these trying economic times. The Fedora Pub and Grille, Christian Community Coalition, St Vincent's, Shepherds Purse, KYMS Radio, Family Promise and many other local organizations and volunteers are working to bring our community together on Thanksgiving Day. More here.

Question: Have you ever eaten at Fedora?

Trustee Targets NIC Incumbents

Appointed Coeur d'Alene School Trustee Jim Hightower (show above in Duane Rasmussen photo from luncheon today) asked fellow Reagan Republicans today to write letters to the newspaper editor to take "some of the heat off" the new School Board. And he told him that he will sponsor a newspaper ad in favor of three North Idaho College trustee challengers. Christa Hazel, who attended the noon luncheon, reports on Hightower's comments.

Hightower said:

  • Letter campaign: "It would be nice if we could write some letters to the editor and kind of 'take some heat' with us for this  because we are really depicted in some unflattering ways and their even talking about a recall.  Now I'm not going to write anything.  I'm not going to do a My Turn or anything like that for personal reasons."
  • NIC trustees: "Melissa and I said that we were going to do an ad at the Victory Fund for the three NIC candidates.  We're gonna let that run.  It's gonna say 'we endorse these three candidates. And the Democrats in fact endorse these other three candidates.  And so though that, hopefully, will go a long way towards informing the public that these are three conservative candidates.
  • PYP/IB: And, uh, you know if they want to recall us, I don't speak for my fellow board members but I would welcome it.  For one thing, I think everybody would have to get educated on what PYP is, what IB is, how it came about, from wince it originated.  I think when people did that, they would definitely support us and our decision to terminate this.  I would love to see the legislature to consider laws to not allow school boards in the state of Idaho (like they did in New Hampshire) to implement the IB/PYP program.
  • Christa's full report here.


RRepubs To Host Sheriff’s Forum

The Kootenai County Reagan Republicans will host the first election forum of 2012 with the announced Republican Candidates for Kootenai County Sheriff at their noon lunch meeting Thursday at Fedora Pub & Grille, 1726 W. Kathleen Ave., Coeur d'Alene.   Candidates  Bob Foster, John Green, Keith Hutcheson, and Ben Wolfinger have been invited to participate, and three have confirmed.  The four announced candidates will compete to be the Republican nominee selected during the May 15 Kootenai County primary election. 

Question: Do you have a favorite for Kootenai County sheriff yet?

Dudes To Wear Bras For Cause

Bras on Dudes is for a good cause … Coeur d'Alene Relay for Life. It runs from 7 to 10 p.m. Saturday, May 7 at Fedora. Tickets are $25 for single and $40 for a couple. More here.

Question (for guys): Would you wear a bra or cross dress for a worthy cause?

Republicans (Heart) Fedora Grill

What’s with all the buzz re: Fedora Pub & Grille (at Kathleen & Ramsey)? I hadn’t paid much attention to the new restaurant in the old sauerkraut place until the Republican Pachyderm Club decided to change their hangout on Friday mornings from IHOP to there. Then, on Election Night, Old Guard Elephants hung out there while the Phil Hart Fan Club commandeered GOP HQ in Appleway Square. Then, the Reagan Republicans have announced that they’re moving their meetings to Fedora. Now, CdANightOut tweets: “Have you been to Fedora and tried the Monte Cristo Sandwich special? Was in there today and it is a big hit!” What’s up?

Question: How has the Fedora restaurant been able to gain so much attention so quickly?