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Students all over the United States are experiencing the stress of the upcoming (or dwindling) week of final exams.

It’s hard to say which is more prominent in finals week: studying or stress.  Having to cram in every spare second of spare time a student has is tough enough, but when the semester exams include every minute detail of every chapter, the stress explodes.

At Post Falls High School, six different final exams take place in two days only.  Wednesday and Thursday (of this week) will have three final exams each for every student in every class because the teachers are required to initiate some sort of final, whether it be an essay, a test, a project, or whatever.  Students have three ninety minute classes and three twenty-five minute classes each day.

Other schools, such as the Charter Academy in Coeur d’ Alene, divide the school year into trimesters instead.  This means that there are finals occur three times per year, but the study loads and tests are smaller.

What kind of final exam week does your school have?  How has it gone or is it going?  Would you prefer trimesters over semesters if you were given the choice?

No matter what kind of extreme week is ahead of you or behind you with final exams, you can count on the Vox Box to ease the stress.  So set down your backpack, take a load off, and chill out here for some crazy Blog-a-thon fun.