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Bloomsday mile-by-mile course guide online

FITNESS — Bloomsday is more than a run or walk to celebrate fitness.

It's an extravaganza — as you can see here in a Bloomsday mile-by-mile guide (use it in your mobile device!) prepared by S-R graphic artist Molly Quinn.

In case  you're wondering, Molly is a daughter of Sylvia Quinn, a Bloomsday Perennial age-group star.

Think of Bloomsday as a start, not a finish

FITNESS — Spokane’s 39th annual Bloomsday run is set for May 3, but the deadline for registering without a late fee is Tuesday, April 14.

If you’re a serious runner or wheelchair athlete, you probably know all about the age divisions and potential for awards.

If  you’re just an average runner, jogger or walker, the huge moving celebration offers a group incentive to be your personal best for 7.46 miles.

Your reward will be a great t-shirt and motivation to continue pursuing the goal of good health and fitness.

A lot of people think, "I want to finish the race." 

I'd rather think of it as training for the next adventure, perhaps a wilderness backpacking trek, a goal just another few steps beyond….

It's hard to buy such inspiration nowadays. The entry fee is only $18.

10 ways to encourage activity during holiday break

FITNESS — Cheer up your child's holiday break by giving them a chance to be in better shape when school reconvenes in January.

Here are a few modest suggestions to help break the epidemic of TV and computer laziness:

  • While on vacation, play with children when you can and join the fun. Bring a football, basketball or even Hoola Hoop.
  • Hand deliver holiday cards and cookies to the neighbor.
  • While watching TV, have a contest to wee who can invent a new, fun exercise during commercial breaks.
  • Create A Holiday Tradition- Ideas include a ski trip, snowshoe trek, a trip to the woods to cut a Christmas Tree, or a visit to the skating rink – replace sedentary holiday traditions with more active ones.
  • Sign up for an inexpensive outing of snowshoeing or skiing organized by Spokane Parks and Recreation outdoors program.
  • Buy Active Holiday presents for the kids that will get them up and moving.  A jump rope, the good ol’ favorite Twister or even a movement based video gaming system like Xbox Kinect or Wii Sports.
  • Create Your Own Winter Olympics with friends and neighbors.  Kids who don’t want to participate can help judge.
  • Walk to see Holiday Decorations and Lights – instead of piling in the car to drive around the  neighborhood, walk to see the holiday lights.
  • Take the dogs for a walking tour of neighborhood decorations.
  • Visit indoor activity centers, such as the the great aquatic facilities at the  YMCA or YWCA.
  • Go tracking if there's snow at a local Conservation Futures area. Bring a field guide to animal tracks and see what you can find.

One possible excuse to binge tonight

If you launch your new regimen tomorrow, you'll have 100 days to get in shape by Labor Day.

Wild Moose Chase Trail Run debuts at Mount Spokane

OUTDOOR FITNESS — A new event, the Wild Moose Chase Trail Run, debuts Sept. 24 at Mount Spokane State Park, with 5k, 10k and 25k courses start from Selkirk Lodge.
The event is organized by Eastern Washington University physical therapy students.
"We think this race will be a spectacular opportunity for folks to enjoy being outdoors with their families in one of the greatest places Spokane has to offer — the beautiful Mount Spokane State Park in the fall," said
Meghan Faulkenberry, race director.
The 25k event starts at 9 a.m. followed by the other events, the last of which is the family-friendly 5K starting at 10:15. The runs head out on loops over the cross-country ski trails.
Register through Active.com before Wednesday (Sept. 14) to avoid a late fee or visit the race website, http://www.wildmoosechasetrailrun.com for a mail-in registration.
Day of race registration is also available, with a $5 late fee and no guarantee of a shirt.
Group awards and overall awards for participants are planned, as well as sponsor giveaways.

Beyonce shows kids how to shake their booties

Confession: I love Beyonce. All the way back to Destiny's Child. So it is with some excitement I share this video as part of Michelle Obama's Let's Move campaign to get you dancing as a form of exercise. Nietzche put it best: Dancing in all its forms cannot be excluded from the curriculum of all noble education; dancing with the feet, with ideas, with words, and, need I add that one must also be able to dance with the pen?


Tom Philpott, who originally posted this video at Grist believes there's also a solid policy basis in Beyonce's foray into kids' videos. "A mounting body of research suggests that the practice of sitting around all day — which for too many people starts in school and continues into a life toiling in a cube farm — is extremely hazardous to health. That said, I have to add that I wish the First Lady and the pop diva would launch a campaign to defend PE classes, which across the country are being sacrificed to appease the False Gods of Fiscal Austerity.," he writes.

But are there gender politics on display?