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Young Cougars test K-State


I know it’s December so this shouldn’t surprise me, but darn if it isn’t snowing again. It’s stretches like these that make me wish I was covering Arizona State or UCLA or even Cal Poly. Read on for the one WSU-related link I found this morning.

WSU has a lot of work before Pac-10 starts


Pac-10 play starts in less than a week. WSU will enter conference 8-4, which is exactly what we thought as we doped out the schedule before the season started. Read on for more thoughts and links.

A Christmas treat for football fans

COUGARS • UPDATED: 3:45 P.M.; 2:30 P.M. DEC. 25

Wandering around the Internet last night, I saw a football beat writer who offered his thoughts about starters next year for the school he covers. It seemed like a good idea, so I decided to try my hand at the same thing. What follows is a list of frontrunners for starting spots based on information gathered since the end of last season. In some cases I listed players at new positions, much of which is based on conversations with coaches from throughout the year. At other spots I made some leaps based on the same type of information. Only a couple of recruits are mentioned, because no one is signed yet. A lot can happen between now and next August, so take these thoughts for what they are, my best guess on the day before Christmas.

WSU fans will be seeing red tonight


We’re still searching for the best way to present our posts on this new SportsLink site, so we’re back to leading off with the Cougar label. Hope that helps you find each individual WSU post. We have a few story links for you on this Sunday morning. One little note: Tonight’s game at UI will be the first time this season the Cougars wear their red road uniforms. Their 7-3 record has been built at home or on neutral sites where their wore their whites. This is the most games in the program’s history before the school played a true road game.

After finals break, WSU back building toward future

• Well, we’re finally back in Pullman. I won’t bore you with death-defying travel stories (though the slide show will be available for purchase in the spring, as soon as the snow melts enough for me to find my camera), but suffice to say it took me longer to travel the four blocks of my Spokane neighborhood than it did the remaining 80 miles. Anyhow, we have WSU news and notes.

A brave new world of blogging

• In honor of our new website, we’re going to do something new today as well: Put together an interesting post. Well, sort of. Read on.

A couple notes for exam week


Not much going on in Pullman this week except some last-minute cramming for finals – if you have a good story along those lines, don’t be afraid to share – and football recruiting.