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Former US Sen. Richard Lugar, foreign policy expert, dies

Former Indiana Sen. Richard Lugar, foreign policy expert, dies

Max Boot: Democrats need a new foreign policy

For decades, elites in the United States believed that championing a liberal world order was in our interest. Now, we are seeing a new left-right axis emerge around protectionism and …

UPDATED: Fri., Oct. 12, 2018, 10:23 p.m.

Putin, political gridlock and Ronald Reagan’s squirrels: Colin Powell shares musings, anecdotes at Whitworth forum

Colin Powell remembers the last day he served as secretary of state: Jan. 26, 2005. He got the news that he was being replaced by Condoleezza Rice while he was …

McMorris Rodgers, Brown and other congressional candidates clash on foreign policy

Congressional candidates to represent Eastern Washington have major disagreements on some foreign policy questions.

UPDATED: Thu., April 19, 2018, 4:24 p.m.

EU foreign policy hails Western Balkan efforts at membership

The European Union foreign policy chief on Thursday hailed efforts by nations in Western Balkans to advance toward membership in the bloc, ending a tour of the volatile region where …

Asia braces for Trump and his unpredictable foreign policy

Donald Trump vowed a more “unpredictable” foreign policy when he campaigned for president. Mission accomplished, if the mood in Asia ahead of his first presidential trip to the region is …

UPDATED: Thu., Oct. 19, 2017, 12:25 p.m.

Trump kicks issues to Congress, is erratic negotiator

President Donald Trump is proving to be an erratic negotiating partner as he punts policy issues to Congress and then sends conflicting signals about what he really wants.

Samuelson: Trump trading away global influence

Trump needs allies to make economic sanctions tougher or to support military action. He has precious few because he has been so careless in abdicating responsibility for the global trading …

Trump shifts from provoking to engaging to pressuring China

Less than three months after President Donald Trump and China’s leader strolled the manicured lawns at Mar-a-Lago, the White House is suddenly engaged in a multipronged pressure campaign against Beijing, …

Parker: Strategy, policy are foreign to Trump

Trump, by conveying to allies and non-allies that he’s likely to do anything at any moment, is telegraphing not strength but instability and impulsivity.

Charles Krauthammer: America’s strength is back, for now

Whatever the reason, moral or strategic, Trump acted. And effectively reset his entire foreign policy.

UPDATED: Sat., April 8, 2017, 10:59 p.m.

After Syria strike, Trump’s emerging doctrine is flexibility

In the aftermath of President Donald Trump’s surprise strikes on Syria, his allies and adversaries have searched for some broader meaning in his decision.

Charles Krauthammer: Two-track foreign policy might work

It’s classic good-cop, bad-cop: The secretaries represent foreign policy continuity but their boss preaches America First. Message: Shape up.

Charles Krauthammer: Trump abandoning global leadership

What made America exceptional, unique in the world, was defining its own national interest beyond its narrow economic and security.

Trump lays groundwork to change U.S. role in the world

President Trump began this week to reshape the U.S. role in the world, laying the groundwork, in a series of planned and signed executive actions and statements, for the “America …

Trudy Rubin: Trump ushers in state of disunion

His “America first” message to the world promised an aggressive brand of U.S. isolationism that will undermine our allies, and give adversaries a green light to expand their influence.

Trudy Rubin: Obama drew wrong lesson from Iraq

The way Obama chose to retrench convinced friends and adversaries that America was in retreat – and bad actors rushed to fill the vacuum. The results weren’t what Obama intended …

Robert J. Samuelson: Too soon to judge Obama legacy

If Obama had done nothing else, rescuing the economy would ensure a successful presidency. But he did do other things, and we shouldn’t forget the historic significance of having an …

Biden says he will be based at Penn

Vice President Biden said Tuesday he will set up shop at the University of Pennsylvania after he leaves office this month.

Dana Milbank: Chaos is Trump’s consistent policy

But for all the promises Trump is breaking, there is one he has kept without wavering: his vow to be unpredictable.

William Inboden: Respect lessons of Pearl Harbor

The world is a better place, and our nation is more prosperous and secure, when the United States leads from the front.

Charles Krauthammer: Obama’s ‘achievements’ already dead

With just four months left in the Obama presidency, its two central pillars are collapsing before our eyes.

Trudy Rubin: The dangerous Trump doctrine

Donald Trump’s scary, contradiction-riddled ideas about foreign policy show he has no grasp of what he talking about and no desire to learn.

Trudy Rubin: Trump’s foreign policy frightening

What makes Trump particularly dangerous is his false, firm conviction that he knows how the world works – because of his business dealings

Clinton unleashes attacks on Trump’s foreign policy

Hillary Clinton is set to unleash a major foreign policy attack on Donald Trump, using a speech in San Diego to cast the Republican as unqualified and dangerous.

Charles Krauthammer: Obama finally accepts realpolitik

On his Vietnam trip this week, Obama accepted the reality of an abusive dictatorship while announcing a warming of relations and the lifting of the U.S. arms embargo.,

Trudy Rubin: Trump’s foreign policy is meshugaas

As his remarks made clear, Trump views the world through the prism that defines his entire campaign – the politics of grievance.

Charles Krauthammer: The jumbled world according to Trump

Both the left and right have a long history of advocating American retreat and retrenchment.

Trudy Rubin: Will Americans fall for ‘strongman’ Trump?

Trump plays on public discontent to promote himself as a Putinesque populist who will rule with a firm hand and cure all our ills.

Obama fiddles as global barbarians storm the gates

The barbarians are at the gates and pushing hard knowing they will enjoy but 11 more months of minimal American resistance.