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A local daily deal coupon option ready to start

Two Spokane companies have launched the Deal Planet, a daily online coupon offer modeled on the popular approach taken by Groupon.com.

Bozzi Media and Se7en LLC teamed up and began testing the plan over the past two weeks. They concluded the test and are ready to begin offering the daily coupon deal starting the Monday after Thanksgiving, said Vince Bozzi, of Bozzi Media.

The service sends consumers daily e-mails offering discounts on Spokane and North Idaho businesses, such as restaurants, teeth whitening clinics or movie theaters. The initial test offered $26 of value in tickets, popcorn and drinks at the Garland Theatre for $12. Starting Nov. 29, the Deal Planet will offer a new coupon daily, Monday through Friday.

Bozzi said roughly half the revenue goes to the merchant, with the remainder divided between Se7en LLC and Bozzi Media. He said the two companies plan to give 2 percent of their revenue to a different charity each month. Find more information at www.thedealplanet.com.