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AP: Locke to leave ambassador post

The Associated Press is reporting former Washington Gov. Gary Locke is stepping down next year as ambassador to China. Here's their report:

BEIJING (AP) — U.S. Ambassador to China Gary Locke, who oversaw the handling of potential crises over the flights to U.S. diplomatic missions by a persecuted legal activist and a high-profile police chief, said Wednesday he will step down early next year.
Locke, the first Chinese-American to hold the post, said he informed President Barack Obama earlier this month of his decision to rejoin his family in Seattle.
Locke, 63, known for his affable, non-confrontational style, placed a high priority on improving embassy efficiency and facilitating bilateral trade at a time when exchanges are growing rapidly. . .

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Today’s fun video: How funny can you make the census?

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Oh right, the census.

That’s why former Washington Gov. and current Commerce Secretary Gary Locke was on the Daily Show Thursday night.

The Commerce Department, see, is in charge of the Census, which is underway. It’s in that government envelope you received in the mail and put with the sweepstakes, credit card touts and other stuff you’ll open some time, when you get around to it … but may just throw out because the stack is getting too tall and it’s late tonight and trash pickup is tomorrow morning.

Which means you are going to cost the federal government a bazillion dollars because they’ll have to send a census taker to your door  (about a gajillion times because you’re just never home) to get the answers to the 10 little questions you could answer in about two minutes if you’d just Open the Darn Envelope and Fill Out the Damn Form.

But we digress. Locke’s appearance is apparently part of the huge marketing effort underway for the census. The marketing effort seemingly did not spend a lot on writing Locke’s jokes and practicing his delivery; but then, Locke was always a bit of a wonk, so he makes a decent straight man for Stewart, and manages to slip in a few interesting bits…like the  question that was on the form in 1790 that isn’t on the form in 2010. Answer at about 2:40 in the first clip.

And Locke does get two segments, which is more than Snoop Dogg got on Wednesday night. Second segment is below.

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Locke on Daily Show Thursday night

Gary Locke, the state’s former governor and the country’s current commerce secretary, is the featured guest tonight on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Really. Spin Control can’t make this stuff up. (And if we were going to make stuff up, would  this be it? We think not.)

Anyway, alert eyes in the Capitol Building tipped us to the note on the Comedy Central site that list Locke as tonight’s guest. Last night’s guest? Snoop Dogg.

Talk about diversity.

Vetting another cabinet member…

Good morning, Netizens…

Could it be possible, based upon David Horsey’s cartoon this morning, whether President Obama is getting a violent rash each time he seeks to appoint someone to his cabinet? After all, how many cabinet appointees has it been that have run afoul of the IRS thus far? But Gary Locke? Say it isn’t so that the former Governor of our fair state hedged on his taxes? Stranger things have happened, which of course unquestionably delights the Republicans no end.

Ammunition. That’s what they call it. Of course, have they got a blind spot when it comes to fellow Republicans, or is that just my eyesight tricking me again?

It will be interesting, in my opinion, to watch former Governor Gary Locke playing in the Big Game in Washington, DC where you can either score really high scores or fall dismally into the refuse can they call Washington politics.


Obama Picks Locke For Commerce

Item: Obama offers third pick at Commerce Department/AP

More Info: President Barack Obama introduced former Washington Gov. Gary Locke as his nominee for Commerce secretary Wednesday, trying a third time to fill a key Cabinet post for a country in recession. … The president’s two top earlier choices for the post dropped out - one a Democrat facing questions about a donor and the other a Republican who had a change of heart about working for a president from the opposite party - well before the Senate had a chance to confirm them

Question (for Washington Berry Pickers): Is Locke a good choice for Commerce secretary?

Not to say ‘Toldya so’ but…

As reported by rumor last week in Spin Control, former Washington Gov. Gary Locke is apparently President Obama’s pick to head the Commerce Secretary.

The Associated Press is quoting an anonymous source as saying the announcement hasn’t been made yet but that’s the way it’s shaping up.

Why the secrecy? The Obama administration may be hoping for third time’s the charm on this one, as opposed to three strikes you’re out.

Rumor: Commerce job for Locke?

Barack Obama may reach into Washington state one more time for spots in the administration. A Washington, D.C., source says former Washington Gov. Gary Locke is being considered for the Commerce Secretary’s job.

That’s been a tough one for Obama to fill. New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson and New Hampshire Sen. Judd Gregg both accepted the nomination and then withdrew. Chances are the vetting and the understandings on both side will have to be solid before any announcement is made.

But Locke served two terms as governor, and worked very hard to expand the state’s international trade, particularly with Asia.

King County Executive Ron Sims has already been nominated for a spot at the Department of Housing and Urban Development.