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Getting There: City settles on revamp plan for Lincoln St./Main Ave. intersection

After mulling over a handful of options, the city has settled on a plan for how the intersection of Lincoln Street and Main Avenue will look once work on the …

Getting There: Hamilton Street on-ramp closure just a blip in bridge’s uneven history

If you’re one of the 5,200 people who rely on the Hamilton Street bridge’s westbound on-ramp to I-90 on a daily basis, you’ll need to find a detour for the …

Getting There: Time to reconsider our approach to uncontrolled intersections

It’s time to expand the idea of common space to something that’s very common in the United States, even in Spokane: The uncontrolled intersection.

Getting There: City eyes ordinance to strip parking requirements in some parts of town

The City Council is considering an ordinance that would do away with parking requirements for developers of apartment buildings and condos in certain parts of town.

Getting There: Spokane’s Mission Avenue Subway was blocked in 1936. Should we have built it?

From the Mission Avenue Subway to the battle to save 100 locust trees – century-old conflicts on Mission and Maxwell avenues still resonate today.

Getting There: Other Washington cities show more progress in fleet electrification than Spokane

In 2007, Washington state Gov. Chris Gregoire signed a law that said cities, counties and other local governments and entities had to switch their vehicle fleets to run solely on …

Getting There: Polite merging is slowing us all down

When it comes to merging, the aggressive motorist usually wins the day, jamming his way into place, cutting ahead of patient and defensive drivers and reinforcing the idea that they …

Getting There: Snags emerge in downtown’s east end development

With yet another delay in the trial between the city and the owner of Brown Building Materials over the city’s push to condemn a piece of Brown’s land and take …

Getting There: Spokane’s bike scene still has a ways to ride

Not to put too fine a point on it, but the bikeways in Spokane need to level up.

Getting There: Though long past its heyday, the Felts Field ‘aeroport’ still serves its city’s planes

Just a few years after it was named Felts Field, Spokane’s first municipal airport was bragging about its great and swift business.

Getting There: Imagining the highways and byways of tomorrow

The future is connected.

Getting There: Spokane is booming. Time to figure out parking.

The last time the city of Spokane did a parking study might as well have been 1,000 years ago. It was 2010. There was no Kendall Yards. There was no …

Getting There: How an old Spokane wrecking truck ended up in England

How a Spokane-owned, Chevrolet step-side wrecking truck from 1953 marked an era in the business of car wrecking and ended up overseas in Cudworth, England, in the hands of a …

Getting There: This week, spare a thought for the folks in orange

This week, April 9 to 13, is National Work Zone Safety Week. While motorists should always be extra vigilant when people are near traffic lanes, this week is the time …

Getting There: Historic bridge on Trent soon to be removed

After 108 years, the historic East Olive Avenue Bridge is a goner.

Getting There: City marks 125 years of bikeways as routes expand

Pop the bubbly, roll up your pant leg and straddle that saddle, because in 2018 we celebrate.

Getting There: The electric-vehicle buzz is real

More than 40 percent of the state’s carbon emissions come from our cars and trucks, thanks to the 60 billion miles we drove in 2016, the most recent data available …

Getting There: Cuts to federal grant funding could jeopardize future of Central City Line

The sleek Central City Line is supposed to signal the future of Spokane transit, but now, three-quarters of the $72 million needed to build the line is under threat by …

Getting There: Look to the sky, because the North Spokane Corridor is happening

If you haven’t heard of the Skyway, now’s the time to listen. Beginning just north of the Spokane River, this elevated southern end of the North Spokane Corridor will fly …

Getting There: Don’t sweat the Spokane traffic

Spokane motorists spent about 15 hours in congestion last year, according to the

Getting There: Riverside Avenue redevelopment could take a lesson from the past

Riverside Avenue may soon be a very modern street. As the once-bustling street gets in line for its turn at the roadwork currently reshaping Spokane’s commutes, it will be the …

Getting There: Top road construction projects of 2018

Spokane’s five key road construction projects this year cover a lot of ground: complete road renovations to new bikeways on an old highway to an interesting pilot project done in …

Getting There: New traffic lane coming to Indian Trail

Fear not, commuters in northwest Spokane. Your extra traffic lane on Indian Trail is coming.

Getting There: Name this bridge that will become the University District’s gateway

The city of Spokane is currently seeking recommendations for what will become the University District Gateway Bridge’s true and official name. The call has been put out, by tweet, email, …

Getting There: Notable transportation projects in 2017

The future of transportation is big, wild and fantastic.

UPDATED: Wed., Dec. 20, 2017, 1:41 p.m.

Getting There: Margaret Hurley forced state to take alternate route for north Spokane freeway

The late Margaret Hurley’s opposition to urban freeways was legendary.

Getting There: Washington drivers wracked up 60 billion miles last year

Washington drivers logged more than 60 billion miles on public roadways in 2016.

City Hall weighing Perry District parking solutions

Spokane City Hall is floating three concepts to bring more parking to the popular Perry neighborhood.

UPDATED: Mon., Nov. 27, 2017, 8:59 a.m.

Getting There: Gas taxes – soon to be marked on the pump – already stretched thin

If you like reading nutrition labels at the grocery store, you’ll love what’s coming to the state’s gas pumps.