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Seahawks lose in more ways than just on the scoreboard

A GRIP ON SPORTS • We’re pretty adamant we don’t give a rat’s whiskers about NFL preseason games, but we have to admit, watching Pete Carroll getting knocked on his whiskers during Tyler Lockett’s kickoff return was pretty funny. Read on.

WSU begins preseason camp with more than a few questions to answer

A GRIP ON SPORTS • For those of you who have been waiting for Washington State football since, I don’t know, last December, today is the day. Not the first game of the 2015 season, mind you. Just the first practice. But it will have to do. Read on.

We’re already settling into a routine

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Isn’t it amazing how quickly the abnormal becomes the normal? Just last week all we could think about was the Seahawks opening training camp and the dawn of a new NFL season. Now it already seems to be akin to an old helmet, beat up, marked and smelly. Read on.

A crowded day features Wilson, Walker and Leach

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Re: yesterday. Has there been a bigger sports news day in these parts recently? I don't think so. With everything that went on, it would be hard to top. Read on.

Spieth may not have won, but he came oh so close

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Were you rooting for anyone in particular yesterday during the final round of the British Open? Were you disappointed? Read on.

A pretty special Monday for, well, someone

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Today was supposed to be a quiet day in the world of sports. But Scotland's weather decided not to cooperate. When has it, really? Read on.

The middle doesn’t hold anymore for Jack Z

A GRIP ON SPORTS • The end is near for the Mariners. No, we don't mean the end of the season or of their pursuit of a postseason berth. We're talking the end of Jack Zduriencik Era. The M's general manager has lost the middle and we all know what that means. Read on.

The wind is playing havoc with our TV watching

A GRIP ON SPORTS • The wind is blowing in Scotland. Blowing hard enough to move golf balls and to play havoc with DVR schedules all over the world. Read on.

The M’s second half might just decide some folks’ future

A GRIP ON SPORTS • The All-Star break is over. The unofficial second half of the baseball season begins today. What will happen with the Mariners? No one knows for sure but a lot of people may have their job on the line. Read on.

This one was a blast

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Baseball put a clock on the Home Run Derby last night and, coupled with a few other changes, it really helped. The event was back. Read on.

Eastern Washington takes center stage for a day at least

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Here we are in the middle of July and we are offering a post chock full of Eastern Washington University news. That’s a bit unusual. Read on.

And we already had a tux picked out for the Academy Awards

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Ever see a really bad movie and be happy about it? You know, something that is so bad it’s actually kind of good? There was another such movie in the pipeline not too long ago, but the plug has been pulled. Read on.

It was a win built on years of effort

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Boom. Boom. Boom. And boom! Four goals in 16 minutes. In a sport in which one goal often is enough, the U.S. Women’s National Team put away the World Cup final with Japan before most of us were settled in our seats. Fine. But there is a backstory. Read on.

Enjoy the weekend

A GRIP ON SPORTS • The next couple days are going to be long ones. And hot ones. And fun ones. Read on.

The heat is on and we’re not talking about the temperatures outside

A GRIP ON SPORTS • The air conditioning is about ready to kick in, but it probably won’t cool us off. Nope. We’ve got some bones to pick. Read on.

A group of Royals trumps one King

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Not much happened last night, other than an inept Mariners’ offensive showing. And what’s new about that? Read on.

Hey, no one is perfect

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Happy Father’s Day. Do we have stories? You bet. Are we going to share them. Sure. Read on.

What should we do today?

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Another perfect Northwest day on hand. Sunny, highs in the 70s. Just perfect. So what to do? Should we stay inside and watch golfers complain about Chambers Bay? Or should we head outside, enjoying the natural beauty of our hometown? Decisions, decisions. Read on.

It’s hard to believe Tiger Woods can elicit sympathy

A GRIP ON SPORTS • That was hard to watch. No, we’re not talking about the Mariners’ most recent shutout loss, one seemingly assured after the lineup was decimated just before the game. Nope, I’m talking about Tiger Woods’ U.S. Open opening round yesterday. Who knew we could feel bad for the guy? Read on.

A new look at one of the oldest events

A GRIP ON SPORTS • This is one of my favorite weekends of the year. Not because of anything around here, of course. It’s kind of dead until Sunday, when the area’s fathers are honored. (That doesn’t happen elsewhere, does it?) But it’s one of my favorites because of what’s on TV. And that scares me a bit this week. Read on.

Jimmy Gunn at Open with help from CDA Casino

Gunn was one of 12 players from Royal Dornoch, his home course in Scotland, invited to compete against a squad comprised mostly of Coeur d’Alene tribal members in Sept., 2004. Those Ryder Cup-style matches forged a bond that Gunn will carry with him to the first tee Thursday.
"I went over (to Circling Raven) as an amateur,” said Gunn, standing by a crowded putting green at Chambers Bay. “I was struggling, playing on the Gateway (tour), doing OK here and there, not great and Bob (Bostwick, Coeur d’Alene Casino director of public affairs) called and said, ‘Can you fly up tomorrow?’ I flew up and met the CEO, played golf, had a great time and we obviously got along.

“I think it was a one-year (sponsorship) deal that ended up being two or three, and last year on the Web.com they were on my bag again.”

Gunn, 34, worked on an oil rig, built houses and caddied at Royal Dornoch before turning pro in 2007. He’s been at it for eight years on mini tours, including the Gateway, Web.com and currently the eGolf tour, with some help from the Coeur d’Alene Casino. Full story, Jim Meehan, SR

Winter is finally over

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Well, I for one am glad the two winter professional sports, the NBA and the NHL, are finally done. After all, summer officially starts Sunday. Now we can start focusing on the most important warm-weather sport: football. Read on.

Is winter coming early for the M’s?

A GRIP ON SPORTS • If you watched “Game of Thrones” last night, you probably woke up this morning wondering how many of the key characters have to die. But, honestly, how often do they stay dead? It’s sort of like “The Princess Bride.” Or the Mariners. Read on.

There is always a place to watch even if no one knows your name

A GRIP ON SPORTS • It isn't always easy being a sports fan, is it? And it isn't always easy putting together this column for area sports fans. Read on.

Every once in a while there is just too much on

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Can it be Friday again already? Must be. My to-do list, which includes which sporting events to watch, is growing by the minute. Read on.

Halliday has earned support on this one

A GRIP ON SPORTS • There are news reports you read and say “well, that makes sense.” There are others that are just the opposite. Like yesterday. Read on.

A little of this, a little of that

A GRIP ON SPORTS • You will find a short blog post on the other side. If you are wondering why it is so short, all I can say is, I'm under orders. Read on.

Winless Shock face Predators

A little football, a lotta golf.

The AFL season is a month old and the Shock (0-3) are still searching for their first victory. Their next opportunity comes tonight against visiting Orlando (3-1). Here's my preview. One update to the article: Orlando's three wins are against opponents with a combined 2-11 record (Jacksonville won its first game last night).

On to golf. My first golf column of the season was on the Pac-12 men's championships coming to Palouse Ridge on Monday-Wednesday, and there will be plenty of star power on display. I also put together a prep golf notebook with Gonzaga Prep's boys and Lewis and Clark's girls taking the early lead in the GSL race.

A gentleman’s game?

Officers responded to the Highlands Golf Course reference a battery/ assault. It was reported that two separate parties were golfing on different holes when the second party was hitting balls into the location of the first party who was ahead of the other. A verbal argument ensued and two males confronted each other. At that time a third male ran up behind one of the original two males arguing and tackled him knocking him to the ground. The suspect fled the scene prior to our arrival, however he was identified. The area was checked with no success and a report was taken. The victim declined medical attention at the scene. (kt)