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A little of this, a little of that

A GRIP ON SPORTS • You will find a short blog post on the other side. If you are wondering why it is so short, all I can say is, I'm under orders. Read on.

Winless Shock face Predators

A little football, a lotta golf.

The AFL season is a month old and the Shock (0-3) are still searching for their first victory. Their next opportunity comes tonight against visiting Orlando (3-1). Here's my preview. One update to the article: Orlando's three wins are against opponents with a combined 2-11 record (Jacksonville won its first game last night).

On to golf. My first golf column of the season was on the Pac-12 men's championships coming to Palouse Ridge on Monday-Wednesday, and there will be plenty of star power on display. I also put together a prep golf notebook with Gonzaga Prep's boys and Lewis and Clark's girls taking the early lead in the GSL race.

A gentleman’s game?

Officers responded to the Highlands Golf Course reference a battery/ assault. It was reported that two separate parties were golfing on different holes when the second party was hitting balls into the location of the first party who was ahead of the other. A verbal argument ensued and two males confronted each other. At that time a third male ran up behind one of the original two males arguing and tackled him knocking him to the ground. The suspect fled the scene prior to our arrival, however he was identified. The area was checked with no success and a report was taken. The victim declined medical attention at the scene. (kt)

Turnovers are a tasty treat for football teams


It's said if you can learn something new every day, then you never really age. So what happens if what you learn is just a reoccurrence of something you learned long ago, but forgot? Does that mean you've reverted back to that earlier age? It's enough to make your head spin. Read on.

There is something about this that seems familiar


If you woke up this morning thinking you were in some sort of reality TV version of "Groundhog Day," don't fret. You aren't alone. Pretty much every Cougar fan in America feels the same way. Read on.

The M’s rallied and so did the fans


Like a whole bunch of you, I was torn last night. Watch the end of the Mariners' game or the first part of the Seahawks, when the starters would be playing? After Yoenis Cespedes' three-run, sixth-inning home run seemed to seal the M's fate, I decided on the Hawks. But I made sure I turned back for the ninth inning. I'm sure glad I did. Read on.

What could have been in the Northwest


Want to see what Seattle's professional basketball future could have looked like? Just watch Steve Ballmer's introduction to the Los Angeles Clippers fans yesterday. Read on.

Don’t confuse ‘experienced’ with just plain old


Woke up this morning feeling a little like Tiger Woods. You know, a little old, a little over the hill, a little like yesterday's news. Read on.

Our desire for football is burning bright


Let's see. It's going to be 99 degrees in Spokane today. Wonder what it will be in Lewiston? My guess: 104. But there should be a nice breeze off the Clearwater. Read on.

Golf club offers hope for pheasant hunting season

HUNTING — PGA stallion Rory McIlroy apparently was shooting for a birdie on this hole.

I wonder if they would lease this place out for opening day of the pheasant season?

My English setter always thought of himself as a country club dog.

Where will Lynch’s holdout lead the Hawks?


Want to get a headache? Try putting yourself in the mind of Seahawk running back Marshawn Lynch. And figure out what his end-game is during his holdout from the Hawks' training camp. Read on.

Arrows can boomerang occasionally


It hasn't been a secret about how I feel about Fernando Rodney's pitching ability. It's stellar. But his antics? Read on.

Making short work of a long weekend


When I finally turned off the television last night, the Mariners' game was still rolling along. When I awoke this morning, I half expected it to be going still. But it was over. As was, seemingly, the British Open. Read on.

No void is ever left unfilled


It is said the 24 hours after baseball's All-Star Game is the least crowded day in American sports. Which is why ESPN created the ESPYs, and stuck them there. Makes sense to me. Read on.

Where do the M’s stand at the break?


It's time for baseball's All-Star break. The traditional midpoint of the baseball season, though it comes well into the second half. However, it is a good time for reflection, if your team is still in the hunt for the postseason. That's not been the case around here for a few years. Read on.

Spanning the globe on a Sunday morning


Some Sunday mornings have little in the way of excitement. This isn't one of those Sundays. Read on.

He’s back


Yesterday LeBron James decided to take his ball and go home. In this case, that's a good thing. Really. Read on.

The prodigal son returns


Steve Garvey threw out the first pitch at the Spokane Indians game last night, wearing a 2014 Indians jersey even though his eldest son, Ryan, was in the visitor's dugout, a member of the Tri-City Dust Devils. And if that doesn't make you feel ancient, then you must be under 30. Read on.

Indians can supply their own excitement


Minor league baseball features a lot of bells, whistles and other gimmicks to entice fans to the ballpark. But the best way isn't a gimmick at all. Fireworks? Who needs them when you have a lineup that supplies its own? Read on.

You can never look back


This is it. Summer has officially begun. It happened early this morning, so early even I was asleep. But we are now in the hot-day-at-the-beach mode, so enjoy. To celebrate, we'll be talking baseball today and weaving in Don Henley lyrics. Yes, our hair is combed back and the sunglasses are on. Read on.

Maybe luck had nothing to do with it


Was yesterday unlucky? Well, if you are a Mariners' fan, sure. An error by Robinson Cano led to the only run in a 1-0 loss. But a Texas fan might consider that lucky. Then there are the Ranger fans (hockey variety) that will remember this as the unluckiest Friday the 13th ever. Two shots hit the bar in a 3-2 loss to the Kings? But as a Los Angeles fan (during the Stanley Cup finals) and a hockey aficionado in general, last night's Cup-clinching double overtime win was as fortuitous as it gets. Read on.

It’s been long enough


Eleven horses have done it. Since 1978, 12 more have entered the Belmont with a chance to join them. But none have come through. Will California Chrome be the one to break a 38-year drought today? Will he win horse racing's Triple Crown? Read on.

One injury can change an entire season


That was predictable. The difference between winning and losing in the Arena Football League is as thin as an X-ray. In the Spokane Shock's case, the X-ray of Erik Meyer's shoulder. Since Meyer, the best quarterback in the league, went down with an injury, the Shock have lost three consecutive games, including last night's defeat at home to San Jose. As we said, predictable. Read on.

Another nice spring Saturday


Let's keep this simple. It's a Saturday, the sun is shining and I'm sure you want to get out and enjoy the day. Can’t argue with that. Read on.

Now this is a tradition


You know what day it is? Yep, it's Kentucky Derby day. Read on.

The best laid plans are some times for naught


Is it better to plan for Armageddon and not have it occur or just go through the day without a care? Read on.

Every moment holds a lesson


There is something to be said for learning lessons. Even if those lessons come with a really high price. Read on.

Last night’s Mariner win was so typical


Last night's home opener against the Angels was just so Mariners. A sell-out crowd on hand to celebrate the beginning of the Robinson Cano era. A quick deficit. Two home runs from the "other" free agent, Corey Hart. And a win. Nope, that wasn't what was so like the Mariners. No, that came midway through the game when young lefthander James Paxton, who seemed on top of his game, pulled himself out, pointing to his back as he left. Yep, he's hurt. A strained lat muscle it is said. Oh oh. Read on.