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Are minor sports major to you?


Are non-major collegiate sports important to you? I ask because tonight my alma mater, UC Irvine, plays for its second consecutive NCAA men's volleyball title. Read on.

The Seahawks continue to surprise


Why would anyone be surprised by anything the Seahawks do during the NFL draft? Trade down to get more picks, take a guy who plays a position already well stocked, or pick a guy with some baggage, it's always something. Read on.

A hard-earned reward


It was an announcement everyone expected but most Gonzaga fans hoped wouldn't happen. Kelly Olynyk is bypassing his senior year of eligibility and heading to the NBA. But guess what? The system worked. Read on.

My throat is tight as I type this


Watching a sporting event like the Ryder Cup takes an investment. An investment of time, lots of time. There are matches all day Friday, all day Saturday and then most of the day on Sunday. But the investment is worth it, because of the payoff at the end. All you heard on Friday and Saturday, as the U.S. team built an "insurmountable" lead was how this was quite possibly the greatest Ryder Cup team of all time. So, when the U.S. took a 10-2 lead late Saturday afternoon, the outcome had been determined. In about 24 hours, we could all sit in front of our television sets and bask in the glow of a dominating American win. To turn a phrase Bubba Watson would be comfortable with, the eggs hadn't been hatched yet, but it was OK to count the chickens. Ya, right. Read on.

A late night in Seattle


It's not often I see the other side of midnight anymore. It was a time I used to visit quite often in my younger days, either for work or pleasure. But not much anymore. Last night, thanks to a combination of work and pleasure, we were still awake at 2 a.m. But not really. Read on.

A great day for sports


Is there anything better than spending an entire day vegging out in front of the television set, watching a golf tournament that has the ambiance of a football – both U.S. football and the world's definition of the game – game? Sure there is. But it's still pretty cool and it was how we spent our Friday. About 11 hours of golf broken up with seemingly endless strings of commercials. But today will be even better in that the golf is still on, albeit on NBC, while, during the long commercial breaks, there is real football to watch. I'm not sure I'm leaving the Laz-E-Boy much today either. Until about 10 p.m. tonight. Read on.

High school girl golf champ can keep competing with boys, board rules

A female high school golf champ will be allowed to continue playing with the boys' team at her school, after a proposed rule change was rejected by the Idaho High School Activities Association's board, the AP reports, which met Wednesday in Coeur d'Alene. The rule change was rejected 11-1; it had been proposed after rival coaches complained about 16-year-old Sierra Harr playing on the boys' team at Castleford High School - which she helped win a state championship - after not enough girls turned out for a girls' golf team at the small high school. Click below for a full report from AP reporter John Miller.

The young golfer, whose next tournament is next weekend in Sun Valley, told the AP she was pleased with the outcome, not just for her, but for other girls in Idaho. "If you believe in something … you should stand up for it," she said.

Coaches Oppose Idaho Girl Golfer

For a golf ball waiting to be clubbed, physics are everything. Swing outside-in and the dimpled sphere slices into the rough. Hit it too high and the ball is transformed into a turf-bound, worm-burning projectile. But as Idaho high school golf champ Sierra Harr knows, that vexing white orb, subordinate as it is to the laws governing matter's travel through space and time, is indifferent to whether it's struck by a boy or a girl. Just now, however, that's the issue pre-occupying the 16-year-old Harr, as Idaho's high school athletics governing body considers a small rule change with big consequences: It would prevent her from playing with the Castleford High Schools boy's golf team, the one she helped win the 2012 state championship in May. As it happens, some opposing coaches complained, she said/John Miller, AP. More here. (John Miller AP photo of Sierra Harr)

Question: Should the Idaho high school association allow Sierra to play on Castleford's boys' golf team?

Read more here: http://www.idahostatesman.com/2012/09/09/2264964/girl-golfer-in-idaho-fights-to.html#storylink=cpy

Rule change could bar champion girl golfer from high school team

A 16-year-old golf champ from Buhl could be prevented from playing with the high school team she helped win the 2012 state championship in May, the AP reports, if Idaho's high school athletics governing body approves a rule change. The golfer, Sierra Harr, played with the boys' team this year, after her high school didn't field enough female players for a girls' team. But some opposing coaches are objecting. Click below for a full report from AP reporter John Miller.

The showdown is finally here


After months of watching a building materialize inch-by-inch on a web camera, today's the big day. Time for the big unveil. Washington State will host its first game in the rebuilt Martin Stadium this afternoon and the visitors from up U.S. Highway 195 by way of Bradshaw Road will do their best to make it a memorable one. Read on.

Did you know there is news on at 11 p.m?


OK, so I slept in this morning. Sorry. I was up late last night and I'll tell you, when you watch the clock hit 10:07 at night, it's no fun. And when you're still awake at 10:29, you know it's late. Read on.

Hey, the Cowboys are on


The NFL is back. Wait, what? It is Wednesday, right? And the NFL is back tonight? Yep, America's team is going up against New York's better team in the premier of the National Football League, 2012 edition. But why on a Wednesday night, I have no idea. OK, yes I do. Read on.

College football Saturdays are back


The first Saturday of the college football season was pretty good if you are a fan of the nation's top-ranked teams. That means you USC and Alabama fans. You can whoop and holler as much as you want. But see that guy trying to sneak out the door? He's a Michigan fan. Pity him. Read on.

No time for a history lesson


I spent a lot of time last night trying to come up with a way to work John Belushi's speech about the Germans and Pearl Harbor into my blog post this morning, but failed miserably. So alas, no "Animal House" reference (or video clips) this morning. Read on.

Mariners are booming


Earlier this month, while on vacation in Northern Arizona, we experienced some thunderstorms that were impressive in their intensity. The lightning strikes seemed to stretch for miles, fingers illuminating the sky, while the accompanying rain made it impossible to walk, let alone drive anywhere. But in one way those storms had nothing on the boomers that awakened the household early this morning. The lightning was nowhere near as impressive, the rain nearly non-existent (except for one gutter cleaner). But the thunder. Wow. Loud, explosive thunder that rolled on and on and on, rattling the windows and scaring the bejesus out of the cat. Read on.

It’s not too long now


Let's look into the future 14 days. Two Saturday's hence, Cougar football fans should be over their hangover after the Thursday night opener with BYU, either good or bad. Eastern fans should be as well, though Idaho fans will be thinking one of two things depending on the outcome vs. the Eagles: We should change leagues now, because we could dominate the Big Sky or wow, it's going to be a long year. Read on.

So long to London


For the past two weeks or so, the Olympics have not only held our attention spans in sway, but have given me something to write about – if need be – each morning. But that is over now. London 2012 is done, Rio 2016 is the next stop. Read on.

Watching and writing


My attention is split right now. No, I haven't developed a second persona. I am trying to watch the gold medal basketball game while I write. Thus part of me is a writer, part of me a fan. As a writer I have some serious questions about the Olympics I want answered. As a fan I just wonder two things: Who is that homeless guy Spain has playing guard and why can't Kobe guard him. Read on.

Why rant on a day like this?


I really don't have anything to rant about today. Sorry. Though I did notice the stars of the Arena Bowl seemed to be all former Shock players. And Tiger Woods is in position to win another major. And the Mariners threw away what should have been a sure win last night. And … ah, you get the picture. Read on.

Still the world’s greatest athlete?


The names rolled off the tongue like a rap song – though rap hadn't been invented yet. Names like Jim Thorpe, Rafer Johnson, Bob Mathias, Bill Toomey, Bruce Jenner. They were the winners of the Olympic decathlon and they were considered the world's greatest athlete. Read on.

The NCAA has its say on Penn State


After a long day of travel, we finally have arrived in the city that really never sleeps, ready for sleep. So we're putting together a morning post in the very early morning, with the express purpose of missing the Penn State press conference later today. But there are enough stories out there to know what's going to be said. Read on.

• UPDATE: If you are a college sports fan, I'm sure you are aware what the NCAA did this morning to Penn State football. No postseason for four years. A $60 million fine. Eliminating 40 scholarships. Allowing any player to transfer without penalty. In other words, the imprisonment of the current program for the crimes of many of its former authority figures. We have more on the link.

The songs remain the same


Where were we? Oh yes, before we took a day off we were talking golf and Mariners. After staying away for a day, those subjects are still fresh. Read on.

Golf supplies the background music this morning


The television is on ESPN, with the sounds of the British Open (or as the Brits call it, "The Open Championship" with an emphasis on the "the") floating around behind my head. It's sort of a distraction, but a good one. However, if there are any mistakes in today's post, blame Brandt Snedeker's outstanding round or a Tiger Woods long birdie putt. Read on.

It’s easy to fill waking hours today


The early morning hours on this Thursday were a bit different. A bout of insomnia wouldn't have been such a bad deal because you could have turned on the tellie and watched Adam Scott set a course record. Can't do that every day. Read on.

Saturday’s highlights

Broadway Elementary summer school student Connor Dehn, 9, keeps an eye on his computer-programmed Lego car as it heads to a target Thursday. SR photo/Colin Mulvany

Yesterday was a nice respite from the heat, but it looks as though our sunshine is back this morning just in time to take a look at the highlights from Saturday's Valley Voice. Reporter Lisa Leinberger has a story on a summer school class at Broadway Elementary focusing on science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Students used pop bottle rockets to study flight and then built Lego cars to use on an obstacle course.

Correspondent Valerie Putnam has a report from the recent Millwood City Council meeting, where residents spoke their mind about the new water rate increases. The town of Fairfield has started a new recycling program after a lengthy discussion and so far the program seems to be a success.

University High School grad Hank Frame, who plays golf for Washington State University, won the recent Lilac City Invitational golf tournament. Correspondent Steve Christilaw talked to him about his win and about the golf program at WSU.  

Boxed in during the summer


You know what is just around the corner? The Olympics, that's what. And the British Open. And, if you peak just a bit farther down the street, you can see the start of college football. But right now, on this block, there is a little less to excite the imagination. A few things but nothing like the Olympics, or a golf major or college football. Read on.

Not so fast my friend


It was only this past December when Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott and his Big Ten counterpart Jim Delany stepped to a podium and made an announcement that rippled through college athletics. Read on.

True or false

Spokane is home to a fairly amazing number of people who once saw themselves as part of the counterculture but now play golf.

A busy July day


You know how I've written recently about the lack of items to talk about? You might even have labeled it whining in your head and moved on. Well, I take it all back. And I promise I won't be whining anymore. Read on.