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Seahawks pass a test for the first time this season but many more loom

A GRIP ON SPORTS • A test is only fun when the team you’re interested in passes it. Which made yesterday’s 39-30 win over the Steelers so enjoyable for Seahawk fans. Read on.

Some warm thoughts on a short and cold day

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Are Sunday mornings any different when it doesn’t get light until after 7? Sure they are. But we have a consolation prize: NFL games. Read on.

Despite the Apple Cup fiasco, the Cougars’ season is still more than half full

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Well, that was either the greatest thing to happen this century since the invention of the Tinder app or the worst thing since, I don’t know, maybe the invention of the Tinder app. It all depends on your point of view. Read on.

Who will be in tune this Apple Cup?

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Every year on this day I am transported back to 1975. It was a simpler time, when gas cost less than a dollar a gallon and the Cougars were so bad they didn’t win a single Pac-8 game. What takes me back? The term “Black Friday.” It had a different meaning for me in those days. Read on.

We don’t always do the easy thing around here – but sometimes we do

A GRIP ON SPORTS • The easiest thing to do today is write a column based on the holiday. But we never do the easy thing, do we? Read on.

It’s about time these two teams met, though it shouldn’t happen at the expense of another state school

A GRIP ON SPORTS • In just a few minutes – of course, that’s in relationship to when I type this, not when you may be reading it – something will be happening that hasn’t happened in about a decade. Gonzaga and Washington will be playing basketball against each other. Read on.

This Cougar team has a chance to do something some of the school’s best couldn’t

A GRIP ON SPORTS • With the Apple Cup week upon us, and Washington State ranked this late in the season since the end of their 10-win-seasons run, we thought we would look back at those three Apple Cups. Sorry, Cougar fans. We had sort-of forgotten. Read on.

A couple flashes of brilliance adds some shine to a lackluster Seahawks season

A GRIP ON SPORTS • You like silver linings? Well, if you do, we have a couple for you in this disappointing Seahawks season. Read on.

Wins and losses are one thing, but some other occurrences are more important

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Short and bittersweet. We’re not talking about the amount of sleep we received last night, but yesterday’s college football around the area. And our morning post as well. Read on.

Kupp may be ready to take the next step but Eagles may not be ready to let him go

A GRIP ON SPORTS • If you haven’t had the chance to see Cooper Kupp play football in person, you may want to cajole a ticket from someone this week. Saturday’s game in Cheney could be the star receiver’s last in an Eastern uniform. Read on.

The lack of power didn’t really change anything except our temperature

A GRIP ON SPORTS • OK, where were we before we got blown away? Oh yes, Trying to figure out the Seahawks and the Cougars, though for different reasons. The ill wind that blew through the area Tuesday night didn’t change any of that, other than to postpone further conversation for a day or so. Read on.

The roles around here have been changing and it happened pretty quickly

A GRIP ON SPORTS • I spent part of the morning watching the dog chase squirrels in the back yard. No, it wasn’t what anyone would term “productive time,” either for myself or the dog – though at least the squirrels received some cardio training. But it got me thinking about the Seahawks and the Mariners and, up until a few weeks ago, Washington State. Read on.

Thanks Seahawks for giving us our Sundays back

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Well, at least our Sunday afternoons can now be free. Read on.

After that briefer-than-expected hiatus, let’s get back to football

A GRIP ON SPORTS • The college basketball season had its early season moment in the sun yesterday. Now we can get back to football. Read on.

Before the onslaught of football on Saturday, you can enjoy a relaxing evening of college hoop on TV

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Yes, there is college football Saturday. And the Seahawks host Arizona in a crucial NFC West showdown Sunday night. But today is about college hoop. There are games everywhere and at, seemingly, every time on your television. Which one are you looking forward to the most? Read on.

This time of year, there shouldn’t be anything causing you to lose sleep

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Woke up in the middle of the night with a lot on the mind. Couldn’t get back to sleep. The mind was rolling over and over. But you know what wasn’t keeping me awake? The college football playoffs. Or Washington State’s bowl fate. Or Junior’s chance of being a unanimous Hall of Famer. Read on.

The weekend was packed, but there was a big hole on Sunday

A GRIP ON SPORTS • It was a long weekend. And a somewhat empty one, thanks to the NFL. Read on.

The Cougars are the word in the Palouse right now

A GRIP ON SPORTS • There was a word used in the Washington State game broadcast yesterday that hasn’t been heard in Pullman for a while. And, no, we aren’t talking about referee Mark Duddy’s use of “inadvertently.” Read on.

When it comes to the college football playoffs, the turkeys could hit the pavement like sacks of wet cement

A GRIP ON SPORTS • As we inch closer to the eating holiday, better known as Thanksgiving, I am reminded again of the greatest 30 minutes of sitcom humor ever: The “as-God-is-my-witness,-I-thought-turkeys-could-fly” episode of WKRP. Oh, the humanity. Read on.

If you can read my signs, then shame on me

A GRIP ON SPORTS • "Mr. Grippi. Could you please define 'tempest in a teapot' for us?” "Oh sure Mr. Hand, that’s simple: Sign-stealing in college football. Now can I have my pizza back please?" Read on.

From 49ers to Zags and everywhere in between

A GRIP ON SPORTS • What do we have this morning? Well, the best, most exciting time of the year is upon Mariner fans. WSU coach Mike Leach said something that has perked up the national media. The Gonzaga assembly line continues to hum along. And there is a great headline in a Bay Area newspaper. Read on.

Halloween games are spooky, but not in the way you might think

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Really, the last day of October doesn’t scare me much. Except when I look under the maple trees and see the huge piles of leaves already on the ground. And then look up and realize how many more still have to fall. That’s scary. But not as scary as what is happening tonight. Read on.

Don’t have a cow over today’s post

A GRIP ON SPORTS • There are terms that used to be popular back in the day – does anyone say 23 skidoo these days? – and aren’t anymore. People use them and others, mostly younger, look at them all askance. We have one we still like, though, no, it is not “far out.” It’s hodgepodge. Read on.

Late night games just aren’t as late on the best coast

A GRIP ON SPORTS • There are lots of reasons to be grateful you live in the Pacific Northwest, so many in fact, they are hard to enumerate. But that doesn’t stop us from adding another: big national sporting events. Read on.

Stockton to help coach MSU women

John Stockton is back in the game.

The NBA Hall of Famer has joined the Montana State women’s basketball program as an assistant coach, the school announced Tuesday morning.

Stockton, whose daughter Lindsay is a senior guard for the Bobcats, will replace Kellee Barney, who announced last week that she was leaving the program to enter private business and be with family in the Seattle area, last week.

“With the timing right before the start of the season, we were looking for someone that would offer us the smoothest transition, and John is someone who has been consistently around our program that we respect and trust," MSU coach Tricia Binford said.

Binford added that the move made sense because Stockton coached four of her current Bobcats, including Lindsay and Hannah Caudill at Gonzaga Prep, and Delaney Junkermier and Lexi Dawkins on the Sandpipers AAU team in Spokane.

"Coach Binford called and took a flier asking if I'd be interested," Stockton said. "I'm excited about the prospect of working with the kids. I've enjoyed watching the team over the past three years. I had a chance to be around them and develop relationships during their trip to the Bahamas this spring. It will be a fun group to work with."

Binford and Stockton are still working on logistics for on-court practices and game days. He currently resides in Spokane.

Another of Stockton’s daughters, Laura, will play for Gonzaga this year.

The Bobcat women's basketball team will open the season Nov. 4 when it hosts Montana Tech in exhibition play.

The summer of our baseball discontent turns to a glorious late fall classic

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Were you aware the baseball season is still going on? Yes it is. The World Series begins today. And the lovely month of November, it of snowstorms and Northeasters? It begins Sunday. Baseball in November. Great. Read on.

Washington State is winning games up front, where it matters most

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Want to really enjoy a sporting event? Then don’t watch the ball. Focus on the folks away from it, see what they are doing and you’ll learn a lot. That’s what I tried to do yesterday in Washington State’s 45-42 win over Arizona and it worked. Again. Read on.

The bottom line is one thing, the true nature of the Seahawks is another

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Seahawks win! Seahawks win! Seahawks win! Now that we’ve gotten the bottom line out of the way, let’s delve a bit deeper into what happened last night in Santa Clara, shall we? Read on.

WSU declares its bowl candidacy in the first half then coasts to win

A GRIP ON SPORTS • If Saturday’s game was crucial in Washington State’s progression from mediocrity, as I posited earlier in the week, then the Cougars certainly made a statement in the first half. And another in the second. Read on.