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Preseason results shouldn’t have any effect on perceptions, but they do

A GRIP ON SPORTS • One quick question. If Steven Hauschka’s field goal last night had traveled a foot less, would you still feel the same way about the Seahawks this morning? Read on.

Let’s hope it won’t be hard to see Idaho high school football tonight

A GRIP ON SPORTS • There is an old Simon and Garfunkel song – wait, is there any other kind? – with a lyric that runs through my head often. It’s from Paul Simon and it is contained in “The Only Living Boy in New York:” “I get all the news I need on the weather report.” Me too. Read on.

What type of example is being set here?

A GRIP ON SPORTS • What do you want out of a college football coach? Most fans would say wins. Or an entertaining team. Others at a university might cite academics and a commitment to same. But I’m sure all would agree the one thing they don’t want is bad publicity. Read on.

Thousands of games are hard to winnow down to just a couple handfuls of ‘best’

A GRIP ON SPORTS • The Pacific Coast Conference, no matter its incarnation – be it PCC, 8, 10 or 12 – is 100 years old this season. Which means it is time to look back on the best it had to offer. Problem is, best is such a subjective term. Read on.

There is no comparing these two franchises, but we try

A GRIP ON SPORTS • “Compare and contrast” is a time-honored tradition in high school English. You know, as in “compare and contrast the ways Shakespeare deals with death in ‘Hamlet’ and ‘Macbeth.’ “ This morning, we’re taking you back to those awful, awful days. Read on.

Seahawks lose in more ways than just on the scoreboard

A GRIP ON SPORTS • We’re pretty adamant we don’t give a rat’s whiskers about NFL preseason games, but we have to admit, watching Pete Carroll getting knocked on his whiskers during Tyler Lockett’s kickoff return was pretty funny. Read on.

Will Vernon Adams pass and finally join Oregon’s football team? We should find out Thursday

A GRIP ON SPORTS • OK, I made a major mistake this morning – and kept making it. I had the wrong day while reading a Sports Illustrated story this morning and repeated the mistake a handful of times in the column below. No excuses, I screwed up. What an idiot. I've fixed every reference below. Sorry …

WSU begins preseason camp with more than a few questions to answer

A GRIP ON SPORTS • For those of you who have been waiting for Washington State football since, I don’t know, last December, today is the day. Not the first game of the 2015 season, mind you. Just the first practice. But it will have to do. Read on.

Baldwin emerges from under the bus and, surprisingly, doesn’t blast Harvin

A GRIP ON SPORTS • The bible tells us to turn the other cheek. That’s not the usual response in professional football, however. So when Percy Harvin came out swinging on ESPN earlier this week, it’s surprising Doug Baldwin and the rest of the Seahawk receivers invoked their biblical privilege. Read on.

We’re already settling into a routine

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Isn’t it amazing how quickly the abnormal becomes the normal? Just last week all we could think about was the Seahawks opening training camp and the dawn of a new NFL season. Now it already seems to be akin to an old helmet, beat up, marked and smelly. Read on.

A crowded day features Wilson, Walker and Leach

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Re: yesterday. Has there been a bigger sports news day in these parts recently? I don't think so. With everything that went on, it would be hard to top. Read on.

M’s wave goodbye to another of Jack Z’s failures while Wilson re-ups with the Hawks

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Why is it when I heard the news yesterday the M’s had traded Dustin Ackley to the Yankees, I immediately thought of the “Sound of Music?” You know, that scene in the movie in which the kids sing so long, farewell, goodbye. Read on.

August – and football – can’t get here quick enough

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Is it August yet? No? Well, can it please be August soon? Then we would have some football news to pass along. Read on.

Up-and-down Mariners still have almost half a season to make things right

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Lou Piniella was adamant solo home runs never beat a team. He was proven right again last night despite the fact Hisashi Iwakuma gave up four of them in his first start back from the disabled list. Read on.

Hey, sometimes a little jingoism isn’t a bad thing

A GRIP ON SPORTS • The World Cup championship match is this afternoon. Seems like a good reason to put on a red, white or blue shirt, burn some meat on the barbecue and cheer for the U.S. women. Read on.

Too bad the final couldn’t be Saturday

A GRIP ON SPORTS • What is it about a shirt with U-S-A written across the front, even if it's not really there? Why does it cause a seemingly rational adult male to root loudly for a women’s team in a sport, at times, he can barely tolerate? Is it jingoism, nationalism, idiocy? Read on.

Hey, July starts tomorrow

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Let’s say it. A hot, dry day at the end of June isn’t conducive to doing a lot outside. Or to a lot of local news stories. Read on.

There is a lot to celebrate if you can find the games

A GRIP ON SPORTS • We make no secret about it. No journalistic balance here. We are an unabashed Hoopfest supporter. Have been for more than a quarter century. And continue to be even when it is so hot you think your feet are going to melt. Read on.

The best weekend of the year is almost here

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Today is the calm before the heat wave, or something like that. Read on.

The heat is on and we’re not talking about the temperatures outside

A GRIP ON SPORTS • The air conditioning is about ready to kick in, but it probably won’t cool us off. Nope. We’ve got some bones to pick. Read on.

The M’s face a decision soon that should tell us where they are headed

A GRIP ON SPORTS • In a week or two, Hisashi Iwakuma will come off the disabled list. The M’s will have to find the righthanded pitcher a spot on the roster and in the rotation. Who they decide to part with when that happens will tell us a lot about the future of this team. Read on.

What should we do today?

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Another perfect Northwest day on hand. Sunny, highs in the 70s. Just perfect. So what to do? Should we stay inside and watch golfers complain about Chambers Bay? Or should we head outside, enjoying the natural beauty of our hometown? Decisions, decisions. Read on.

A new look at one of the oldest events

A GRIP ON SPORTS • This is one of my favorite weekends of the year. Not because of anything around here, of course. It’s kind of dead until Sunday, when the area’s fathers are honored. (That doesn’t happen elsewhere, does it?) But it’s one of my favorites because of what’s on TV. And that scares me a bit this week. Read on.

A couple words trigger a stroll down memory lane

A GRIP ON SPORTS • You never know what might trigger a memory anymore. The smell of a certain type of coffee, a word spoken casually in a conversation or a mention in an online article. Read on.

Hockey seemed a little out of place considering yesterday’s weather

A GRIP ON SPORTS • You like it hot? You like triple digits? You crazy? Then yesterday was for you. Of course, the best sporting event of the day was played on ice, but still, yesterday was for you. Read on.

A tradition unlike any other – thank goodness

A GRIP ON SPORTS • How many of you have been involved every year with an event that is 31 years old? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Read on.

The M’s are making us all suckers right now

A GRIP ON SPORTS • If there is a more frustrating team to follow these days than the M’s, I’m not sure which team it would be. So I decided to take a day off yesterday. Not watch. Not listen. Go my merry way. Then they sucked me in. And may have lost me for good. Read on.

Is this team jinxed?

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Funny how rain works. Some days it’s cloudy everywhere and the water falls slow and steady. Other days, like last night, it was hit and miss. Wonder if there is a metaphor in there somewhere. Read on.

May the month be with you, always

A GRIP ON SPORTS • Believe it or not, today is the last day of May. A good month, gone way too soon. Read on.

Spokane-area alums making noise in the pro ranks

A GRIP ON SPORTS • It was an interesting day around here Friday for Spokane-area alums. Especially those playing professionally. Read on.