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Gregoire official portrait unveiled

OLYMPIA — The walls of the lobby of the governor's office are decorated with portraits the former occupants of that position. So with Chris Gregoire about to assume the title of "former Gov." her portrait was unveiled Friday afternoon in the Capitol.

Seattle artist Michele Rushworth, who also did Gary Locke's portrati produced the 44-inch by 30-inch oil on canvas portrait, andput the Temple of Justice in the background to remind folks that Gregoire was attorney general before she was governor.

Gregoire is the 22nd governor, and there's not room for 22 portraits on the walls of the main lobby. So what happens to the overflow? Turns out that the portraits are moved to make room for the most recent ex-governor, and everyone else moves clockwise around the room and down the hall. Except for the first territorial governor and the first state governor, who stay in their places of honor.

Honor is a relative thing, as anyone who has ever been in the lobby when grade school class tours come through and listen to youngsters talk about the funny looking folks with their strange clothes hanging on the wall.