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Parting Shot: The great salmon grill-off

The Salmon Grill-Off in Jim Kershner’s Spokane backyard tests three recipes: grilled marinated salmon, grilled salmon with citrus butter and cedar-planked salmon.

The timing seemed just about perfect last week for a Salmon Grill-Off in our backyard.

For one thing, Copper River salmon (and other equally fine Alaska salmon) were showing up fresh in our supermarkets. For another, Father’s Day was approaching.

The connection? You cannot call yourself a true Northwest dad if you don’t know how to properly grill a salmon.

Yet grilling salmon can be a challenge. Many of us have embarrassed ourselves at an outdoor barbecue by turning a glistening red-orange slab of perfection into a tough, dry piece of charred flesh. Things can go wrong very quickly Jim Kershner, SR

Salmon is one of my favorite foods to grill.  What do you like to grill?

One question

Is grilling worth the trouble if you do not eat meat?


Smoke signals

Jerry Ito saw the Slice column reference to backyard cookouts that create so much smoke neighbors wonder if your house is on fire.

"I've got one better," wrote Ito, a Davis, Calif., resident in Spokane visiting family. "Our charcoal grill put out so much smoke one time that a firefighter from the nearby fire station came by to check on us."

I assume they offered him or her something to eat.